You can play in Adelaide’s Squiz Gamez for major cash prizes

Participants are being recruited to play a series of games for a life-changing cash prize.

There is no stopping our obsession with Netflix’s Squid Game and the phenomenon has sparked a new Australian competition, the Squiz Gamez, taking place in capital cities next year.

From 18 October to 26 November, participants will be recruited to play a series of games for a life-changing cash prize.

Up to 2,000 contestants in 4 rounds will be recruited on the day to play, with 500 participants in each round. But they are recruited on the day in the arena.

All ticket holders will be sent a game card in February and will need to call the secret number on the card to get the location details.

If you are not selected as a contestant you can watch from the VIP lounge or exclusive online streaming portal. 

Contestants will be given a numbered t-shirt to wear during the games, and will be eliminated throughout the event.

Last person standing in each round will compete in the final to win the PIGGY with a huge stack of cash. Then the winner will be transported home in a stretch limo with their PIGGY and up to 7 friends.

VIP sections will be introduced in 2022, and you must hold a GA ticket to be able to upgrade to the VIP section.

At $92 a ticket, it’s a pricey mystery event to get involved with (who really knows what you’re signing up for)… but with Squid Games sending everyone into a frenzy, we have no doubt there will be takers for these cashed up games!

If we are sent more info about the event, we’ll update this story, otherwise

Squiz Gamez is being run by AMA Event Management, who hosts, creates and manages festivals, private functions, public events, expos, conferences and large scale activations.

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