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You Can Taste Gin For A Living… Hang On While We Put In Our Two Week Notice

The Gin Birds are seeking candidates for a Gin Taster to taste and test new Australian gins!


Take a seat, because we’re about to make your entire week.

Ever cracked a joke about quitting your job to pursue your lifelong dream of becoming a gin taster? Well, stop laughing, because now you can make that dream a reality.

The Gin Birds, a female led Australian Gin Subscription company are changing the way Aussies drink Gin.

And the best part? They’re seeking candidates for arguably the best job in the world — being a Gin Taster, tasting and testing new Australian Gins.

We promise you heard right.

This October, The Gin Birds launched their Australian Gin Subscription, introducing Aussies to some of the best Gins in the world produced by Australia’s own local distillers.

The startup was launched by Chamaine Lovett and Suzan Temizer, two women passionate about the curation of a great gin experience and the support of Australian producers.

The two founded The Gin Birds after their success supporting boutique winemakers grow their brand in Australia, with experience in international business, media, marketing and technology they were able to create something unique for Australian producers.

A love for gin and the realisation that Australia is yet to discover the best gins are created on their own doorstep, they set out to find and showcase from emerging, independent and legacy distilleries.

The mission is to introduce Australian gin lovers to the best craft gins homegrown in Australia — and you can be a part of it.

If this sounds like the perfect job for you, contact Chamaine Lovett, director at The Gin Birds, for more information via [email protected].

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