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You Don’t Have To Travel All The Way To New York To Get Brooklyn Pizza

With pizza pies that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in town.

There’s certainly no shortage of pizza in Adelaide, but when was the last time you had a slice that stopped you in your tracks? What if we told you we’ve not only found that pizza, but also how to score yourself a freebie (more on that bit later)?
Slice of Brooklyn on the corner of King William and Grenfell is serving up pizza you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in town. Their distinctive ‘New Yorkapolitan’ style marries the crispy crust and bright tomato sauce of a New York pizza, with high-temperature fast-fired style of Neapolitan pizza (they’re cooked at 400 degrees and only take 2.5 minutes in the oven).
Owner Ned Hasanoff, who was raised in Brooklyn, was inspired to create pizzas like he ate growing up in the US. The team starts with a rustically simple Italian ’00’ flour base done the right way.
“It’s crispy and thin and very light,” says Ned. “We proof the dough for a couple of days so it’s light and not yeasty. So when you eat it, it doesn’t just sit in your stomach.”
While they believe they’ve got the best pizzas in town, they know the best flavour combinations are the ones you come up with yourself. So instead of having a set menu they have dozens of fresh ingredients, including eight meat options, so you can customise your pie the way you’d like it.
And despite the name, you won’t find pizza available by the slice there. Instead they’re served as individual pies, just enough for one, which Ned says is actually the traditional New York way.
“Technically, the old school New York style wasn’t slices that everyone thinks of now. It’s actually small pies. If you go to the famous places like Totonno’s, Grimaldi’s, Lucali – no one will give you a slice there,” says Ned.
Slice of Brooklyn is open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.
Want to get their pizza in your mouth stat and love a bargain? Slice of Brooklyn is running a special promotion, with free pizzas, discounts, free drinks and other goodies. For all the deets, head to their Facebook page.

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