Stop Everything, Nutella Palooza Is Coming To Town This Weekend!

We may just cry at the news of this heavenly event…

We think that you might want to sit down before you continue to read this story… When we first heard this news we actually didn’t know how to cope. To be honest, we are still trying to deal with it…

Adelaide, we will be playing host to Australia’s first ever Nutella festival! Ok, just take a minute (or 45) to let that sink in… Yes, Nutella-Palooza will be hitting our fair city this April. Twenty sixteen really is delivering the nutty goods!

Basically this is the brainchild of a group of Nutella loving fans right here in Adelaide, and along with the geniuses at Splash Adelaide, are making this amazingness happen. We sort of can’t believe this but this is an Australian first and only the second time in the world that this is happening…

The Nutella love will be spread all around as the world wide sensation will be celebrated just the way it should be… With a whole bunch of tasty treats made from Nutella. Bakery stalls, chocolate stalls, food trucks, cooking demonstrations and even the odd savoury treat will use the hazelnut spread that we love so much (so, so much).

So prepare yourselves Adelaide. The Palooza is coming…


When: Saturday 9 April, 2016
Where: Bonython Park, Adelaide
Time: 11am – 5pm
Cost: Free (as if this event could get any better!)

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