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You Still Can’t Go Wrong Dining At Gin Long (Canteen)

When you are on to a good thing, you stick with it… And Gin Long Canteen are always on to a good thing!

There are those places that you just keep going back to… You go back knowing that you will get tasty and satisfying food, fantastic service and leave at the end of your meal having had an all round amazing experience. Of course, Adelaide is full of those places (duh), but in this instance we refer to one place in particular, Gin Long Canteen.

Photo: Gin Long Canteen.

Photo: Gin Long Canteen.

Now Gin Long is no new kid on the block, it first opened in North Adelaide in late 2013, and it was awesome on its inception onto the Adelaide restaurant scene, and it continues to be just as awesome today.

We still love the gimmicky neon lights and kitschy signs splattered around. The long restaurant with its bar running down one side and the tables on the other, always feels warm and inviting. Its open kitchen keeps the whole space feeling large and spacious, and who doesn’t love being able to see into a working kitchen? It really does add to the whole pumping vibe that you feel as soon as you walk into Gin Long. Thumping music, lots of people… It almost feels like a cool bar. Except this cool bar serves you some of the most exceptional Asian food in Adelaide.

Photo: @luckyduckdesignco.

Photo: @luckyduckdesignco.

Multi tasking as the perfect setting for a date night or the ideal joint for a group catch up (they only take bookings for six or more), Gin Long’s menu is made for sharing. Set out into two main sections ‘Eat Small’ and ‘Eat Big’, with some salads, sides and sweets also making an appearance, you basically cannot go wrong, whatever you choose.

On this particular night that we visited, hungry would have been an understatement. After we were both seated at the bar (at which you can also eat and I recommend it, very cool) we got straight to the necessities. Ordering. First up, drinks. Obviously sitting at the bar makes this much easier, but not only that, you also get to watch them making (and shaking) up all the drinks for the night. And with an extensive (and delicious) cocktail menu on offer, it is lots of fun to see. FYI try the Apple La.

After drinks comes food… The best bit. Having both been before (one of us multiple times… ok me… I have been multiple times…) we had the ordering pretty on point. We picked a few things from the ‘Eat Small’ section and one option from the ‘Eat Big’ section, knowing that they are always generous with their portions.

Gin Long Pork

The pork… Photo: @3_fat_bellys.

And then the feasting began… First off the ranks were the Roast Duck Lettuce Cups with shitake mushroom and spring onion. These are a sure fire winner. Every single time. The crisp lettuce cup is the perfect vessel for the tastiest shredded duck you will ever eat. With a hint of hot, the lettuce offers a cooling element to the dish. Try and stop at just one…

Lychee cider. Photo: Gin Long Canteen.

Lychee cider. Photo: Gin Long Canteen.

Next up from the ‘Eat Small’ menu, the Prawn Dumplings in a mild red curry sauce with dried shallots. Yum, yum and yum! Be warned, if you are a bit of a chilli wimp like myself, you might find this one a little hot. But my gosh is it worth it! The dumplings are generously filled with the yummiest prawn mix and the red curry sauce is just enough that if you get some rice as a side your spice loving boyfriend can mop up the leftovers!

We opted for the Really Slow Braised Pork Belly with sticky soy and salted Chinese mustard greens from the ‘Eat Big’ section of the menu. If you want melt in your mouth, sticky, sweet, saucy goodness, then this is the meal for you. Definitely one for all the meat lovers out there, it was seriously good. Plus the serve was so generous (like we knew it would be) that there was enough leftover to take home. The leftovers were just as delicious the next day.

*Update* Gin Long have recently added some cheeky new additions to their fab menu. We can’t wait to head in and try the DIY Tamarind Pork Mince with lady finger, cabbage, Thai eggplant, chili, cucumber and egg, the Beef Back Rib (mmm ribs) with hoisin and BBQ sauce and tri colour noodle salad or the Tiger Battered Fish with green mango and peanut. Mouths are watering…

Cheeky sign to the girls toilet.

Cheeky sign to the girls toilet.

The food is always outstanding but a shoutout has to go to the amazing staff. They run around doing everything that they can to make your dining experience the best it can be. We were beyond happy with the way we were treated and what’s even better is that they are consistent. It is literally like that every time you walk through the doors.

Gin Long Canteen, you rock. We will keep going back for as long as you keep doing what you’ve gotten so good at doing!

Gin Long Canteen

42 O’Connell St
North Adelaide

T.W.TH 12-2:30 | 5:30-9:30
FRI 12-2:30 | 5:30-10:30
SAT 5:30-10:30

Bookings Of 6 Or More
Phone # 7120 2897

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