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Entertainment Puzzles: You Wanna Piece of Me?

Smith Street Books have introduced a series of jigsaw puzzles and other games based around popular TV shows, music and icons.


Smith Street Books have long entertained us with their range of books that cover cooking, music and culture. Always up with the times, it hasn’t passed their attention that jigsaw puzzles saw a resurgence during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Welcome Smith Street Gift!

Now that (some of us) are allowed to see people in real life, the company are helping lovers of entertainment to ease back into social un-distancing or to pass the time if they’re still housebound or have a fear of going out.

Smith Street Gift (an imprint of Smith Street Books) showcases a range of fun, laugh-out-loud games and memorabilia featuring characters and quotes from iconic shows such as Friends, The Office, The Golden Girls, Sex and the City, and 30 Rock, as well as references to pop culture and iconic celebrities, such as David Bowie, Prince and Keanu Reeves.

They have released a range of 500-piece jigsaw puzzles for lovers of Tiger King, 90s Icons, Friends, The Office and The Golden Girls. These complement other fun gift ideas including Bowie Bingo, themed playing cards and drinking coasters. Whether you’re a fan of one of the aforementioned shows, or Seinfeld and Parks and Recreation, the Smith Street Books website now caters to both readers and doers.

The jigsaw puzzles currently available range from easy to hard and come with a RRP of $29.99. All the games are appropriate for the whole family, although you may not want to have to explain about Tiger King to your younger ones! Check out the Smith Street Books website for full details on each puzzle or game, then explore their range of other gifts and book titles while you’re there!

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