Your Dream Island Holiday To Fiji Is Now In Reach With Kids Fares Under $200 Return

Your Dream Island Holiday To Fiji Is Now In Reach With Kids Fares Under $200 Return

There’s a 4 hour direct flight between Adelaide and Fiji with an amazing special on flight deals right now.


If you’ve always wanted to take your family on holiday to a tropical island, we’ve found out SOMETHING INCREDIBLE.

The amazing people over at Fiji Airways have not only got super cheap fares going to Fiji – with a sale on for adult return fares for as little as $590 (CHEAP RIGHT!??), but they’re also offering kid’s flights for $102 one way, and $196 return. Kids are classed as 2-11 years.

So for a family of four, you can get to Fiji return for $1572 (plus taxes). I have a family of 4, and the idea that I can pay basically nothing for my kids, rather than adult fares IS SO EXCITING. The sale is on until September 20th so make sure you check it out while you can!

Plus Fiji is a sensational destination for families.

There are now direct flights between Adelaide and Fiji (around 4 hours flying) so it’s great if you have restless kids and don’t want long haul flights.


When I was there last, I stayed at the Outrigger on the Coral Coast, and it was wonderful.

The child-free area at the Outrigger if you’re looking to chill

There’s not only a kids club for little ones aged from 4-12 which is free for anyone staying at the resort (and it runs from 10am to 9pm!), there’s also a nanny service available.

The nannies cost about $200AUD for 4 days, 8 hours a day. If your kids are too young for kids club or you want a different option, the nannies can look after your kids, and babies aged 6+ months. They can hang out with the kids in your room, take them around the resort, watch them at the kid’s club itself, or stick with you for some extra assistance so you don’t always need to have your eyes peeled by the pool.

Best of all, of the 40 nannies at the resort, 6 of them were flown to Sydney to train to work with kids with special needs, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for specialty care.

So basically, if you or any of your friends have kids – the Outrigger will make things super easy. It’s a parent’s dream without the associated guilt of having some you-time. You can spend as much time with or without the kids, and their amazing staff will take care of everything, while you enjoy some stress-free holiday activities, and the kids also have a ball.


For those of you looking to give your kids some grounding while you’re away, there’s also a program I can’t recommend enough – whereby you pay approx $80/$90AUD for adults, and about half that for kids, to go out, with the Outrigger resort team, to one of the local schools. You will spend half a day there, and can meet the primary school kids, and see how a day in their school life looks, plus you’ll be helping to build new buildings on their campus. The money you pay goes towards lunch and building supplies. It’s incredibly grounding, makes you appreciate what we have back here in Australia, and makes you love the warm natured Fijian people even more. It’s such a memorable experience, and a good one for adults and kids alike, to put things into perspective.

Eddie Betts actually went over there on holidays and visited the school and was so touched by the experience, he went back and enlisted the help of the Adelaide Crows to help fundraise for a new kindergarten – and then the guys all went over to help build it. This is a place where you can really make a difference.


In addition to an ample amount of pool time, and beach time, Fiji is known for it’s water sports. There’s so much to do, especially along at the Outrigger on the Coral Coast, where the water is pristine, the marine life abundant, and the scenery spectacular. There’s plenty of family-friendly activities, as well as things for the brave-at-heart.

We went along on a jet boat into the jungle, for some incredible sight seeing, and had locals riding along the river bareback on horses waving at us. If your kids are a little older (or just braver than my little girls) its a fun boat trip with some spins thrown in to keep things exciting. There’s also a visit to a village, where you can see how the locals live, and experience their warm, friendly culture first hand. They’ll even make you lunch. You can take gifts along for the village children (sports gear, balls, or school supplies preferably) and they rotate the villages regularly so they all benefit from the visitation program over time.

Find out what flights are on offer at Fiji Airways website here (sale ends September 20), and more about Outrigger here.


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