Your guide to Adelaide’s Easter-inspired food and drinks

cadbury creme eggs

These easter-inspired food and drinks will get you in the festive spirit.

It isn’t really Easter unless you’ve eaten yourself sick with copious amounts hot cross buns and chocolate, right? Well we’ve you covered.

And if you’re looking for something different, we’ve got a list of Easter-inspired food and drinks that you might want to get behind in the lead up to the long weekend!

Pirate Life Chocolate Chip & Hot Cross Bun Stout

Pirate Life Brewing just released their limited edition Easter beer, and it’s chock-full of holiday favourites. This special stout is a combination of chocolate chips and hot cross bun pastries. 

Just Bliss Chocolates Nutella Eggpressos

These bad boys start with one of the delicious chocolate eggs from Just Bliss, which have the top knocked off them, and are popped into a glass. They are then filled with a coffee shot and the hot, frothed milk of your choice. The remainder of the egg is then filled with whipped cream, drizzled with melted nutella, and topped with crispy caramel pearls (like mini Maltesers). It’s basically heaven.

Jenny’s Bakery Creme Egg Cronuts

These bad boys feature their classic cronut, now filled with a milk chocolate and caramel custard. Topping off this sweet treat is a heavenly chocolate ganache creme egg and salted caramel. One word: Yum. 

Ginny Pig Hot Cross Bun Gin

We all love to eat hot cross buns, and now we can just about drink them too. South Australian distillery Ginny Pig has announced plans to release their hot cross bun-flavoured gin for Easter. The small-batch distillery––with the motto “start small, dream big”––describes the hot cross bun option as “VERY” limited edition. 

Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie Hot Cross Tarts

Much-loved Mayfair Bakery has many Easter treats, such as their Hot Cross Berliner, Hot Cross Gluten Free Cheesecake and Vegan Original Hot Cross Bun Loaf. However, we’ve chosen to highlight these delicious tarts. The tarts are rich in Belgian white chocolate mousse, SA Riverland Sultanas, mixed spices, and house-made honey.

Brighton Cafe C.R.E.A.M French Toast, Hot Cross Bun Ice-Cream Sandwich

This Chef’s special is a French toast, hot cross bun, ice-cream sandwich, served with a Nutella swirl, chopped Easter eggs, fresh strawberries, and maple syrup…Yep, we’re also in awe.

Mascavado Patisserie Selling Hot Croiss(ant) Buns

Hot ‘Croiss’ Buns, as the name suggests, is a croissant with with the cross icing on the top to make the treat look like a traditional hot cross bun.

But the similarities don’t end there, with the filling of mixed dried fruit and spices finished with Frankincense glaze keeping the hot cross bun theme going.

The Adelaide Nut 1kg Chocolate Easter Bunny

In my opinion, there’s only one thing better than Easter chocolate, and that’s a lot of Easter chocolate. The stall in the Central Market clearly agree, as they are selling chocolate easter bunnies up to 1kg.

Violet Crumble 6kg Easter Egg

No, you’re not dreaming! Violet Crumble has shattered our egg-spectations with their mouth-watering Easter lineup. Their newest masterpiece is a 6kg Easter egg available at McLaren Vale Fruchoc Shop, as well as Costco.

Have a lovely, chocolatey Easter everyone!

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