Your Guide To Adelaide’s Swimming Pools

With a 44 degree Celcius day ahead of us, this is your guide to keeping cool at Adelaide’s swimming pools – offering fun for everyone.

As we brace ourselves for an absolute scorcher (a whopping 45 degrees Celsius in Adelaide CBD), you’re probably wondering how and where to cool off. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, this guide will help you figure out the right pool for you.

The Beachouse, Glenelg

If you like to be down by the beach, but are understandably terrified of the scorching sun, the famous Beachouse in Glenelg has got you covered (literally). Their indoor spaces provide shady relief, and their three watersides take fun to the next level for kids and adults alike. As well as water-based activities, The Beachouse offers an assortment of entertainment such as, mini golf, dodgem cars, play castles and arcade games. They have plenty of ice cream and food to indulge in too. It’s a yes from us.

The Big Wedgie, West Beach

The Big Wedgie, aka. the world’s tallest freestanding inflatable waterslide, really can’t be passed up if you’re a thrill seeker. Standing at 18.2 metres tall and 82 metres long, the slide boasts a 55-degree drop with 4 lanes…crikey. Those who fancy something a little less extreme can take on The Just Right Wedgie and young ones can have some splashing good fun on The Little Wedgie. Make sure you lather on the sunscreen for this one!

Freedom Fitness, Adelaide

If you’re keen to have a workout, but are worried you might quite legitimately get heat stroke if you go for even a 30 second jog outside – Freedom Fitness has got you sorted, conveniently offering a pool and gym right in the city centre. The 25 metre pool is indoors, safe from the searing sun. Take the plunge on your lunch break or after work.

George Bolton Swimming Centre, Burnside

Offering countryside vibes, this swimming centre is surrounded by the lush foliage of Burnside. As well as three pools available for your swimming needs, the site provides playgrounds and BBQ facilities if you’re up for lunch in true Aussie style. Or simply grab some grub from the kiosk. If you’re looking for a post-work swim, when temperature exceeds 32˚C at 5pm, the centre will remain open for one extra hour!

Next Gen, North Adelaide

Swim in absolute style at Next Gen’s 25 metre outdoor pool – surrounded by a landscaped garden and sun terrace with its own Cabana bar, you’ll feel like you’re living the island life. Or take advantage of their multi-purpose indoor pool. Members only – make an enquiry here.

Payneham Memorial Swimming Centre, Felixstow

This centre provides a toddler paddle pool, a learner medium sized pool, and an Olympic sized pool. Something for everyone to enjoy. Get your BBQ on or spoil yourself at the kiosk.

SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Marion

The SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre boasts world class aquatic facilities, and accommodates all those who wish to play, train, perform and of course, eat. The centre is home to two slides which are considered to be among the fastest slides in Australia! The Space Bowl is 75 metres in length, and the Aqua Tube is all about speed. The indoor Splash Park, suitable for ages 10 and under, features small slides and the ‘Big Bucket’, which is bound to keep the little ones amused. However, if slides aren’t your cup of iced tea, there’s a variety of indoor and outdoor pools.

Marion Outdoor Pool, Park Holme

You’re looking at a huge outdoor centre with 3 pools, two waterslides and large lawned areas. This is for serious swimmers as well as your average visitor because of its 50m salt chlorinated, eight-lane, heated Olympic Pool. The grounds are flood lit so that even on a hot evening, the pool can be enjoyed.[0]=68.ARDGCGEYwHayTjzgaUzUifcoRxHxpZ48zvIYNXbd–eHoYgudZfWFinEu1lcAMtongiderz0ya4TiIF1aBDAAa-x3cwM4u2TpPmeCtgdyrMnCyrNmlztTF-493nqwYvZUvw6SEb3u2jyCfpBFwYM3pS5-wuRBFrlHzVrVvwJNDeIRfEHazSYv9qiCfeQqzIPcuCE53QBzfuW9c5icooWPMLIaGKAzAK8oB-yMPClIBgzFk3GfCndy6s7aWWL0im8WuCls_PPHGY5xPE2uWVCyE4bz3-Z_dopnTj2aLod3amEF7DwhNgYkD6-7rIa-_msxcLqRsa2jqVvKX5LAnMpvG2pBo-hNI9-ChQChw&__tn=-R

Unley Swimming Centre, Unley

The Unley Swimming Centre is great if you’re on the hunt for a low key swim, offering a 50 metre pool, and a junior/toddler pool. Disability access is also provided, with a lift into all three pools.

Waterworld Aquatic Centre, Ridgehaven

Surrounded by the beautiful greenery of Ridgehaven, Waterworld is the North-East place to be. Take in the South Australian serenity among the gum trees, and relax with your family or friends, or dare to take on the water slides. If you’re not a swimmer, you’ll still be able to stay cool on the Splash Pad – a kind of human-safe water feature for those who aren’t a huge fan of the deep end.

The Ocean, South Australia

And we can’t forget to give a shout out the beach! Just a 15 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD, you’ll be treated with pristine coastline. Stay cool, South Australia!


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