Adelaide Festival

Your Guide to Enjoying South Australia’s Festival Season for Free

This festival season there are hundreds of free shows on offer, at Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival and Writer’s Week.

As the vibrant hues of festival season paint South Australia, the air already buzzes with Adelaide Fringe, and anticipation for Adelaide Festival, and Writer’s Week. This year, the festival season is celebrating arts and culture while also offering an array of free events that promise fun without the worry of expenses.

The season has kicked off with a bang, with hundreds of free shows on offer, ensuring the festival fun is accessible to everyone.

Adelaide Fringe

The Adelaide Fringe set the stage with over 100 free events across the state, featuring art exhibitions, live music, circus shows, cabaret, and theatre performances.

Notable highlights include Fringe Vibes on Hutt Street, Gather, Dance & Explore at Whitmore, and Salisbury Fringe Carnival, offering diverse experiences for all ages.

If you search “Free Show” on the Fringe website, more options will pop up, including shows in regional areas.

If you’re a BankSA cardholder, try booking a free ticket to the BankSA Theatre where the first drink is on BankSA!

There’s also lots of great (normally ticketed) shows available for free through the app/website called Promotix. Shows use it to fill quiet nights – in return for you promoting their shows to your friends and family. Nothing is quite as powerful as word of mouth – so get behind these acts, enjoy a free night out, and share your experience on social media!

Currently there’s 62 amazing shows on offer on the Promotix website for South Australia, so check them out here:

Another easy tip for saving some coin, is to bring your own refillable water bottle to the Fringe. In the large precincts, there are water stations where you can refill your bottles.

If you’re just looking to have a wander around and get amongst it, it’s worth noting that the Garden of Unearthly Delight has a $5 entry fee if you don’t have a ticket to a show, while Gluttony next door, at the end of Rundle Street, is free entry.

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Adelaide Festival

Similarly, the Adelaide Festival will enrich South Australia’s cultural landscape with 15 free events, ranging from installations and exhibitions to forums and music events.

These include Create4Adelaide, Floods of Fire, Time to Talk, and I’ll Be Your Mirror. Standing out as this year’s festival highlight among these free offerings is Little Amal.

Little Amal is a remarkable 3.5-meter-tall puppet that will grace Adelaide with its presence from Friday, March 15, to Sunday, March 17, marking three days of complimentary festivities. This includes a captivating walk across the Adelaide Oval footbridge alongside fans, set to occur before the Port Adelaide game on March 17.

For more info on the Adelaide Festival, visit

Writers’ Week

Writers’ Week continues the tradition of intellectual and literary exploration, offering free access to discussions and presentations by celebrated authors and speakers from around the globe. This initiative underscores the festival’s commitment to fostering a love for literature and dialogue among attendees.

More info can be found about Writers’ Week at

As South Australia dives into a month of artistic and cultural celebration, this festival season embraces community spirit, creativity, and local pride. It’s a call to explore, experience, and support the vibrant local scene, ensuring the arts remain accessible and enjoyable for all.

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