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Your guide to food-focused Fringe shows

Your guide to Fringe shows that include food or wine (that you can eat or drink), immersive food experiences, demonstrations, and food-themed performances.

Feature image: Eating Tomorrow

Listen up, foodies! If you love eating, experiencing and learning about food, and you want to pair this love with everyone’s favourite month, we’ve got the guide for you.

The first section highlights Fringe Festival shows that include food or wine (yes, you get to eat or drink while watching) while the second features immersive food experiences, demonstrations, and food-themed performances that don’t involve actual eating.

Decide which food-focused show is for you by reading below.

Food-inclusive shows

Eating Tomorrow

Have you ever wondered what the future might look like? Feel like? Taste like?

Eating Tomorrow is a back-to-the-future time travel experiment, immersing audiences in prospective scenarios of what our food systems, customs and behaviours might become in the next fifty years.

Strap yourselves in as performers lead you through the progressive narrative of Eating Tomorrow: a brand new cross-disciplinary multi-sensory theatre work devised by the Post Dining collective. Expect to be immersed in imaginary worlds; see, smell, touch and taste what the future might have in store.

Comfort Food Cabaret

Australia’s singing cook joins the Weber(r) Grill Academy to present her multi award-winning musical food sensation where the audience gets fed. Direct from acclaimed performances and rave reviews across Australia, Edinburgh, Copenhagen and London, it’s no wonder this is the pick of the Fringe for all tastes.

In a new purpose-built barbecue space, audiences will be taken on a hilarious and heartwarming journey by Michelle and her musicians as they present a recipe of live music, storytelling and cooking. Be one of the first to experience Australia’s new Weber Grill Academy and taste barbecue inspired dishes that draw on Michelle’s culture and experiences featuring everything from seasonal entrees, delectable mains and decadent desserts.

World Street Food with Rosa & Friends

Join Adelaide food identity, chef, writer, teacher and speaker Rosa Matto and friends for a fun and interactive cooking demonstration and tasting of street food from all corners of the globe!

Including Indian pakoras, Malaya sambal udang (spicy prawns), panelle (chickpea flour fritters), Sicilian arancini and much more, all complemented with a delicious glass or two of Tomich Wines.

This event will be held in the WEA Adult Learning demonstration kitchen, where you will have a fantastic view of Rosa’s work as she creates an array of tantalising dishes for you to try.

Secret Recipes

How does food play a role in our experience of storytelling, culture and community?

From First Nations chefs to our newest Australians, Secret Recipes takes us on a journey of welcome and belonging, through our experience of food.

Join us as we explore shared traditions and new stories, while indulging in a mouth-watering meal, with friends old and new.


Take a seat at the dinner table! A story of migration, new beginnings and comfort…food. Don’t miss the debut solo show from actor and comedian Julia Mayer; a family recipe, stirred with passion, simmered with soul and served with homegrown tomatoes.

How to Drink Wine Like a Wanker

Occasionally emotional and mostly ridiculous, HTDWLAW is a delightful story involving a fabulous flight of SA wines and 12 months of sobering self-discovery. Follow one woman’s accidental journey from shallow wine novice to full-blown wanker; a little rudimentary knowledge to accompany her game face and voila, she became so much more! Part performance, part story-telling, part wine tasting; a full-bodied narrative, with a moreish finish – don’t miss the return season of this critically acclaimed, sell out show!

The Wine Science Show: Second Vintage

I’m three-quarters of the way through a bottle of Riesling, and Riesling has nothing to do with this festival show (at the moment), but I am BACK with another wine history tale.
This year will feature identity theft, pollination, Durif, lies, truths, and the greatest red wine ever produced. It’ll be fun. Come have a drink.

Smashed – The Brunch Party

Taking a cue from the drag brunch phenomenon in London and New York, this is a femme-tastic and fabulous weekend brunching experience! Hosted by award-winning cabaret queen Victoria Falconer (Fringe Wives Club, Midnight Marauders) and featuring a smorgasbord of world-class cabaret, fierce drag and jaw-dropping circus performers, all in the surrounds of the gorgeous Spiegeltent – your favourite meal of the day just got glitzier!

Grab your pals and treat yourself to a festival experience that will leave you feeling fancy as hell. This is avo on toast with THE MOST. Think scrambled eggs served with sass, songs and sequins. It’s the perfect way to start your day… or finish off your night before! Mimosa, anyone?

Smashed is designed as a brunch and show experience. All tickets include a mimosa on arrival, and our fabulous caterers Bitsnbites ADL have created scrumptious omnivore brunching boxes for all table and booth bookings.

Eat My Cake

Welcome to Marie Antoinette’s lavish feast! It’s one powerful woman with an hour of non-stop debauchery. ‘Let them eat cake’… That’s old news, we’re beyond that, it’s time to treat ourselves and get messy. So join us on this feast of tantalising gossip, intimate secrets and raucous desires.

This high energy performance has been written and performed by Melbourne’s most popular life model and liberator of the female body, Marija Herceg. Her work as an erotic performance artist has brought boundless joy and hilarity to the girls and the gays… and much confusion and delight to the dear sweet straight boys.

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

The international smash hit returns for its 14th year running. This is the show that helps you step inside the TV series and see it from the inside out. Highly improvised, highly interactive and fully immersive, it tempts audiences to join the action, becoming guests who play along with Basil, Sybil and Manuel. With two hours of comedy, three courses of food and five-star reviews, expect chaos, laughs, and a brilliant night out.

Food-inspired shows

The Wine Bluffs – Decanted

On the cusp of vino domination, The Wine Bluffs (Damian Callinan & Paul Calleja) become trapped in pandemic besieged Eastern Europe. To get home, the sommeliers of premium reserve laughs, must country hop their way through the old wine world. Finally repatriated, they’re back to restore their empire & “lovingly lampoon wine snobbery” (ArtsHub).

Early Vintage

An exhibition of artwork by resident local artist Jen Wright amongst other local artists celebrating the early ferments of vintage 2021 and life in the vineyard.

Junior Detective Collective: The Mystery of the Golden Scoop

The Juicy Orange are back! But this time… you decide the ending.

It’s a typical Wednesday at Dice-Cream-Ice-Creamery, when suddenly it’s revealed the golden scoop has been stolen. Uh oh.

In this exciting new ‘whodunit’, everyone’s guilty. Join the ‘Junior Detective Collective’ and work together to unravel the mystery of who stole the golden scoop. Was it Sir Sardine Clampepper? Was it Professor Pistachio? Or was it even… you?

‘Junior Detective Collective: The Mystery of the Golden Scoop’ has a “choose your own adventure” style structure, where the children join the ‘Junior Detective Collective’ and play a pivotal role in unravelling the mystery. The audience not only personally discover and reveal hidden evidence, but ultimately, they solve the mystery.

Petit Circus: Bon Appetit

Petit Circus returns with a brand-new show in 2021! Bon Appetit, a brand-new themed circus show set in a restaurant, this 45 minute show is packed with amazing acrobatics, stacks of silliness, perfect for children aged 3+, and the young at heart. Come and see why this audience favourite has performed at Fringe every year for 10 years and got 5 stars from the Advertiser in 2019!

A Lunchtime MBA

The business lunch is back! In this satirical lecture by Professor Longsword from The MBA School of MBA credentials you come for lunch and leave with a Master of Business Administration. Why study for months or even years when you can be on your way to start living as high-flying CEO after a 1-hour Adelaide Fringe Show? You can choose between an MBA and show, or the premium option of Lunch with an MBA on the side, at Treasury 1860.

Whether you’re booking the office team in for an extended lunch break, looking to further your career or just want to make your parents proud this could be the life change you’ve been looking for.

Dinner for One

This slapstick comedy is the story of Miss Sophie who is celebrating her 90th birthday. As every year, she has invited her four closest friends to a birthday dinner: Sir Toby, Admiral Von Schneider, Mr. Pomeroy, and Mr. Winterbottom. However, she has outlived all of them, requiring her butler James to impersonate the guests.

West End Friends

The West End brewery is closing!!!

Spend the 55 mins listening to tales about red tins (sometimes not about red tins) and remember when Adelaide was a place nothing but memories of the West End and many other dark stories all from ‘West End Friends’.

From sold out 2020 show ‘The 3 Imports’ comes Zack Southern & his brothers, come see the madness unfold.

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