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Your guide to retro bars and restaurants in Adelaide

Retro is back baby, and we’re here for it! We’ve put together a guide on retro Adelaide bars and restaurants paying homage to eras of the past.

Retro is back baby, and we’re here for it! Read on to find out about Adelaide’s bars and restaurants paying homage to eras of the past, and take a step back in time on your next night out.

Extra Chicken Salt

Adelaide officially has its very own, very first, 70s strip club-inspired chicken shop turned restaurant. If that sounds like a joke, well, it isn’t, and it is so awesome!

The menu leans heavily on 70’s French bistro techniques fused with takeaway shop charm, to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Owner Peter De Marco plays this down, emphatic that the menu’s “just simple food for everyone to enjoy.” It reads more like technique-heavy bistro stalwarts, reimagined for the modern palate.

You can find Extra Chicken Salt at 38 Currie St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Sunny’s Pizza

Since its opening, Sunny’s Pizza has been revered by locals and visitors alike. In fact, Matt Preston himself has listed it as one of his favourite Adelaide foodie destinations. Sunny’s Pizza opened their doors to the Adelaide public in 2016 and the retro fit-out and overall vibe of Sunny’s makes it the perfect place to down a slice of some authentic, cheesy pizza.

You can find Sunny’s Pizza at 17 Solomon St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Memphis Slim’s House of Blues

Memphis Slim’s is Chicago-inspired, a “cocktail den” with pool tables and dart boards to entertain patrons. Bluesy, live music is the go each and every weekend, in a nod to the name of the bar.

You can find Memphis Slim’s House of Blues at 22 Gilbert Place Basement Level, Adelaide SA 5000.

1000 Island

When the neighbouring Fairweather closed, Sunny’s jumped on the opportunity to facilitate the birth of 1000 Island, and the long-awaited bar is now opening to the public. 1000 Island gives off retro diner vibes, with warm and inviting tones and furnishings.

You can find 1000 Island at 15 Solomon St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Power Up Bar

Ready to drink with Mario, Sonic and Pacman? Boozy gaming wonderland Power Up Bar is entirely retro video game themed!

The Leigh Street cocktail bar has added hundreds of new arcade games to their already large arsenal recently, upping the spot’s nostalgic feels and competitive spirit. They’ve added numerous two-player games in the arcade, including Marvel and Mortal Kombat games, sports games such as mini arcade tennis, as well as single-player Mario additions and two to three different Pacman sets.

You can find Power Up Bar at 20 Leigh St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Cry baby

Pink windows and a neon sign call you in to Solomon Streets bar, Cry Baby, that is a 70’s/80’s inspired dive bar tucked away behind Hindley. Full of retro vibes and old-school charm, it is the the new spot of nostalgia for a time where rock n roll ruled!

You can find Cry Baby at 11 Solomon St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Did we miss a retro themed bar or restaurant? Email [email protected]

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