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Your Guide To This Year’s Showbags – What’s New, What’s Hot, What’s A Bargain And More

With over 400 showbags at this year’s Royal Adelaide Show, we have a sneak peak of the showbags on offer to make your life a little easier.


It’s nearly September and all South Australian’s know what that means…it’s SHOW TIME!

The Royal Adelaide Show is returning next Friday for 9 fun-filled days, which means it’s time to start thinking about the most important thing – showbags.

So, with over 400 for you to choose from this year, we’re giving you a little breakdown on what’s on offer.

What’s new (for the kiddies):

  • Toy Story 4 at just $28 a bag it includes a Buzz Lightyear and Woody squishy, a carry bag and a Toy Story 4 disc shooter just to name a few.
  • For all you Harry Potter fans out there, the new Harry Potter Charms at $28 a bag is stocked with a pair of Harry’s signature round glasses, a themed pencil case, a duffle bag and much more. Definitely something that helps us feel like a true wizard.
  • If your child is obsessed with the world of YouTube then they have probably come across Ryan’s World and for $28 they receive a bag full of goodies. Some items include a DIY goo set, masks, clay and knock knock cards.

Bargain buys:

  • For the absolute bargain price of $2 a bag the Bertie Beetle Blue is filled with classic goodness – four Bertie Beetle chocolates and three red skins.  
  • The Wizz Fizz Super Fizz Bag satisfies all your fizzy needs for just $5 a bag.  
  • For a bag full of sugary suckers opt for the $5 Chupa Chups bag.
  • At $5 a bag Hubba Bubba is stocked with the best gum out, along with your choice of an inflatable hammer or Hubba Bubba plastic cup.
  • For a more savoury option there’s the JJ Snacks at $5 a bag. Everyone’s favourite primary school canteen snack.

Chocolate lovers:

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Superbag for $10 includes a variety of bite size chocolates including plain, Crunchie, Boost and more, as well as two Curly Wurly’s (mmm).  
  • For everything from chocolate covered nuts, to choc honeycomb and liquorice, then grab the Charlesworth Chocoholic for $20.
  • Also up for $20 is the classic Cadbury Family Deal offering 40 mini Cadbury Chocolates including Twirl, Boost and Crunchie. You also have your choice of novelty including a soccer ball or a pair of cute fluffy lamb slippers.  

South Aussie favourites:

  • For $40 you can indulge in all the Menz goodies with the Menz Massive Bag.
  • Foodland Gourmet Goodie Bag supplies you with all thing’s South Australian such as Belli school fruit bars and Maggie Beer quince paste. It also has plenty of vouchers for you to enjoy and for just $20 it is an absolute bargain!
  • Charlesworth Variety gives you your nutty fix, equipped with choc covered nuts and fruits, choc bullets, salted nuts and a nibble mix for just $13.

Sports fans:

  • For only $26 and the full range of AFL teams available, the AFL bags are jam packed with merch with everything from a footy, to a backpack, and a drink bottle.
  • The Athletica Ultimate Fitness Pack, is full of treats for your sporty heart. With a gym bag, weights and more, this showbag is only $30.

To check out their full range of showbags, head to their website at  

The Royal Adelaide Show opens their gates on Friday 30th August and runs until Sunday 8th September. They are open daily from 9am-10pm and until 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights.  

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