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Your Must-Have, South Australian, Ultra-Aussie Items For Australia Day

Here’s our favourite South Aussie products, that scream I AM AUSTRALIAN. Which really, everybody needs.

January is a time for celebrating all things Australian. From hitting the beach during Adelaide’s sweltering summer days, visiting our favourite places around the State, enjoying the best Aussie food & wine at endless BBQs and festive season catch ups, and preparing for Australia Day celebrations – we’re immersed in things that make our country great. January is also a time for us to enjoy the best True Blue Aussie products, whether it’s for your Australia Day celebrations, or just because they’re awesome.

Here’s our favourite South Aussie products, that scream I AM AUSTRALIAN. Which really, everybody needs.

Gelato Bello’s Lamington flavoured Gelato. WHAT AN INVENTION! This stuff is amazing. Get on to it while stocks last. This limited edition god-send is only around this month.

Bigshed Brewing Golden Gaytime flavoured beer! Named Golden Stout Time, it’s a surefire hit with anyone who tries it. And you can’t get more Aussie than combining BEER with the goodness of a GOLDEN GAYTIME. Perfection.

Alpha Box & Dice Golden Mullet Fury White Blend Wine. Mullets will always hold a place in Australia’s history and hearts. As does wine. Especially good wine.

The Form & Flux Fairy Bread candle. It’s just as you’d remember, the ultimate party favourite. With scents of sweet, sugary sprinkles on soft white buttered bread.

Oh Deer Sugar’s Lamington Chocolate & Coconut Face Cleanser. This classic Australian favourite is packed to the brim of organic coconut flour, black tea, fractioned coconut oil & sweet almond oil for a smooth re-hydrating cleanse. Best for dry skin. And patriots.

We’re also giving Oh Deer Sugar’s Fairy Bread Bubble Bath a special mention. Because you can never have too much Fairy Floss goodness in your life.

Kangaroo Island Source Roo Poo. Because eating our national symbol is so 2016. This year it’s all about this tastier alternative. And luckily for us, the name isn’t literal. They’re actually nuts in chocolate. No, not kangaroo nuts.

And we’ve saved the best till last. The most Aussie thing ever. A Vili’s Meat Pie. Delicious, iconic, and originating right here in Adelaide. But did you know the incredible story behind Vilis? The owner of Vili’s Cakes, Vilmos Milisits employs people from almost every migrant background, including many, like him, who fled war-torn nations. After escaping communist Hungary with little more than their clothes, Vili’s family spent a year in a Red Cross refugee camp and endured a long wait in England before arriving in Adelaide in 1958. Vili was just nine. By age 14, he had started his apprenticeship at a local bakery. Four years later, with $50 capital, and by selling his car for the first week’s stock, Vili’s dream of owning his cake shop was realised. He soon expanded his offerings to include the pies, pasties and sausage rolls loved in Australia and around the world. Vili gives back to the Australian community at every opportunity. From the second boatload of Vietnamese people in 1977, Vili has provided settlement advice, job offers, housing and interest-free loans to refugees. A philanthropist, motivator and passionate supporter of multiculturalism, Vili embodies the concept of a ‘fair go’, and what’s more Australian than that.

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