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Your New Paint & Sip Haunt Has Appeared On Goodwood Road

Adelaide’s first BYO paint and sip studio, Vintage Van Gogh, like its tortured namesake, is a place to release pent up emotions through the medium of paint (and with the aid of a drink).

All photos by Ollie Parker

Very distinguishable from the previously housed make up studio, is Goodwood Road’s most recent addition, Adelaide’s first BYO paint and sip studio.

Say hello to Vintage Van Gogh.

Co-director, lawyer and now a painter (a bad one, he claims), Joe Royle tells us that that the idea for the paint & sip studio, much like most things in life, came from an interstate friend’s business venture.

“It’s a massive thing over there so a friend and I decided to take on the opportunity to open one in our hometown,” he says.

With co-director and good friend, Adam Rankin, who doubles up as a full-time salesman, Vintage Van Gogh was born about three weeks ago.

The massive popularity for paint & sip studios in the Eastern Australian states means that Adelaide has quickly followed suit, with Studio Vino on Pirie Street and now Vintage Van Gogh on Goodwood Road.

Vintage Van Gogh, which like its tortured namesake, is a place to release pent up emotions – elation, joy, intense cringe from an unwarranted flashback, through the medium of paint and with the aid of a drink or two.

With sessions that last two and a half to three hours, we were concerned with the quality and quantity of our chosen poison.

“You can bring whatever you want within reason, the other week we had a crew pop in with a goon sack,” Joe says.

Evidently Vintage Van Gogh isn’t a studio that excludes.

Painting instructors are sourced straight from Flinders University and Uni SA’s art departments – Joe and Adam’s respective educators.

“We wanted to give back to the universities too, so we approached them with our business idea and they got back to us with resumes.”

After sifting through a range of CV’s, Vintage Van Gogh now boasts three instructors, Kayla, Lauren and Sarika who will take you through every step. From blank canvas to masterpiece.

Ideas for paintings are conceived in advance and promoted all over Vintage Van Gogh’s Facebook and Instagram for your perusal and so you subsequently know which upcoming session tickles your fancy.

So in between imbibing and painting, consider them for a hot Christmas party, or a work bonding session and even a somewhere that you could fine-tune your skills with a paint brush.

After all only with adversity can you better yourself and nothing says adversity like a bottle of red and the ability for fluid hand movement.

Right now, Vintage Van Gogh has two to three public sessions a week, which can be booked on their website. They’re aiming to ramp up their private events so that they can offer personalised experiences.

Tickets go for $55 and include all supplies. Check out their upcoming sessions at

Vintage Van Gogh can be found at 71 Goodwood Road, Goodwood, SA. Conveniently, one stop down from The Goody which makes for perfect pres and posties.

Please drink responsibly.

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