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Your Six Summer Essentials For Entertaining In The Heat

Summer should be spent entertaining outdoors but before you invited your friends over check out these six essentials to make your next shindig a breeze.

When it’s hot outside and the air-conditioner is calling, what’s motivating you to step outside for the clear skies and vitamin D? Summer is better off spent outdoors and by the time winter rolls around that’s all you’ll want to be (but, obviously you’re gonna get drenched).

Our advice is to get the whole gang over for some summer time hang outs. But, before you do you’ll need these summer essentials to keep your friends refreshed and entertained otherwise, you’ll all be retreating indoors and we don’t want that do we?

Booze, Booze and more Booze!

First things first. Replenish your booze cabinet! And with plenty of variety for guests. You can’t go wrong with a few refreshing bottles of Sav Blanc during summer or stock up on a crowd favourite – Rosé. Some of our fave SA vinos include Bird in Hand, Longview Wines, ArtWine and The Lane Vineyard. But hey, don’t stop at just wine… why not chuck in a few bottles of LOBO cider or Prancing Pony beer.

Got a Pool? 

2016 saw the rise of the the inflatable pool toy and we can’t get enough! From giant pizzas to pineapples to swans, this is the ultimate way to deck out your next pool party. You sans pool? No worries. Take these bad boys to the beach with you too – they don’t mind.

Simple, Fresh Food

Inviting friends around means you’ll usually have to feed them too, especially if you’re putting on booze. But planning and cooking a suitable meal in the heat is the last thing you want to do right? So, don’t. Have someone else take care of it for you. Simple, fresh dinner boxes are your best option with three meals planned and ready to be cooked up. Plus, all the meat and veggies are fresh and straight from Australian farmers. Or you can opt for UberEats – they’ll pick up exactly what you’re craving from your favourite restaurant. *Cough* Get pizza from Melt, ice-cream from Gelatissimo and voila, your day is set!


If you do decide to cook…Cooking inside is a big no, no on a hot day. Unless you want to feel how hot hell is. It’s time to embrace true blue Aussie culture and get yourself a good old BBQ. Why you haven’t got one already is a complete mystery to us. Not only does it keep the house cool and clean, you’ll never have to miss out on the juicy conversations happening outside again.

Lots of Lounging

Aren’t summer hangouts all about relaxing? You’ll want your guests (and yourself) lounging around on nothin’ but comfort. Look for outdoor dining options, hammocks and bean bags to devour that fresh and deliciously cooked meal and relax by the pool. Not to mention your backyard will look, ever more, inviting whether you have your friends over or not.

Breezy Summer Outfit

Well, this one’s not really about entertaining your friends, but none the least it’s definitely a no-brainer. Spending hours out in the sun demands a breezy and super stylish outfit. The last thing you want (or need) is a skin-tight dress making the day ever so hotter. Opt for skirts, dresses or playsuits with comfy sandals to match. They’re your best bet at keeping cool while working on that tan.

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