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Your Spring Is Covered With The Launch Of The New Coopers Dry

Just in time for this great Spring weather, Coopers Brewery have just launched its newest beer, Coopers Dry! The refreshing, anticipated, low-carb beer will be available across Australia in kegs, bottles, and cans by the end of September.

There’s nothing more South Australian than sipping on a cold beer as the sun starts to come out once again, and Coopers have our Spring covered with their new, refreshing Coopers Dry.

The newly launched Coopers Dry promises to be a refreshing, fine filtered lager, introduced to provide greater choice in Australia’s dry, low-carb category. This easy-drinking beer is leaving Coopers’ brewery today and will be available across Australia in kegs, bottles and cans by the end of the month. So expect to see them at your local bottle-o, pub, bar and club just in time for this great Spring weather.

Designed for broad appeal, Coopers Dry is a true dry style beer. Mr Cam Pearce, Coopers Sales and Marketing Director, said Coopers Dry was an entirely new beer that had been developed to meet the growing public demand for this style of lager. “Dry or low carb beers currently represent more than 15% of the total Australian beer market, but there are relatively few brands from which consumers can choose,” he said. “Coopers Dry will provide consumers with a refreshing alternative, offering low malt sweetness and modest bitterness that can be enjoyed with a wide range of foods all year round.”

“Coopers Dry will offer consumers a premium quality alternative and we expect it will be well received in the market.” Mr Pearce said that with Coopers Dry entering the market, Coopers Clear would be withdrawn from sale. In 2017-18 financial year, almost 20 million cases of low carb beer were sold in Australia.

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