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You’re South Aussie if you’ve bought one of these 18 items

We love bringing you all the new and exciting things that our fabulous state is bringing to the table here at Glam. But what, we hear you cry, are the most iconic South Australian items to date that you can buy.

We at Glam love bringing you all the new and exciting things that our fabulous state brings to the table.

But what, we hear you cry, are the most iconic South Australian items to date that you can buy?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a proud South Aussie who’d like to solidify their patriotism, someone passing through our great state or a good samaritan attempting to educate a humble traveller on the SA way, this list will bring you all the items you can and should buy to fool anyone into thinking you’re a mighty South Aussie (yeeeah).

Now we won’t lie being a state that produces such incredible food and drink, much of this list focuses on things to put in your mouth. But really, how else would you rather spend your days?

A Bag of FruChocs

These little balls of apricot-y delight burst onto our confectionary scene in 1948 and have continued to please us immensely to this day.

We’ve done everything we can to enjoy them in every different way we can think of.

We’ve made them tiny, we’ve made them giant, we’ve dipped them in yoghurt, we’ve made them into Kyton’s Hot Cross Buns (sadly only available at Easter time) and of course the glorious Nippy’s FruChoc Milk.

A Coopers Pale Ale

So iconic it should probably be on our state flag.

This beer is a bit of a princess. I mean, there’s no other beer that we can think of that requires you to gently roll the bottle, or store the kegs upside down, and yet we still worship this little green primadonna.

Whether it’s your first beer of choice or not, you can’t deny that if you spotted this bad boy in an overseas bar, you automatically think higher of them.

A Pie Floater

Apparently the origins of this iconic dish date back over 130 years.

Your standard Aussie meat pie is served floating in a bowl of pea soup atop with lashings of tomato sauce.

Look, to those interstate-rs and overseas travellers, we know it doesn’t sound like much, but trust us when we say, you gotta taste this bad boy to understand the fuss.

We love them so much that in 2003, the pie floater was recognised as a South Australian Heritage Icon by the National Trust of Australia.

Unfortunately The Pie Cart who pioneered the glory of the Pie Floater across SA has now shut down, you can still get the quintessential pie floater at most pubs.

A Balfours Frog Cake

Shaped like the head of a frog (if you had asked an infant to draw a frog) and filled with sweet and creamy delights.

They came about from the geniuses at Balfours in 1922 strictly in a green variety. Since then we’ve added pink and brown frog cakes, cos’ you know, we like to mix things up.

A soft sponge sandwiched with jam and topped with what they call “cream” and what we call “heaven mousse” is then encased in thick fondant icing.

A Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee

Ah yes, the beverage to please anyone, of all ages and from all walks of life. We can’t say it tastes exactly like coffee in the traditional sense, but its sweet and milky deliciousness is comparative to no other.

They have created stubby holders and even an esky SPECIFICALLY sized to keep your carton of FUIC cold. And if you’re a huge fan we recommend getting your hands on their merch from their online store.

A Popeye Ride 

Our beautiful Riverbank precinct has developed into such a fabulous bustling hub of late, with great activities, eateries and events all centred around The River Torrens; but throughout all these exciting additions one passionate River Torrens company has never wavered… We are talking, of course, about the Popeye Cruises.

For 75 years the Popeye Boats have been gliding up and down the Torrens River showcasing how beautiful this spot is, was and always has been to tourists and locals alike. Now is a truly great time to hop onboard to get the best view of this great developing spot in Adelaide.   

A Tickets to the Crows… or Port

You know, whatever tickles your fancy. The Adelaide Oval is an incredible spot and the atmosphere at our SA football games is something truly special, whether you barrack for either of the teams or not.

Haigh’s Chocolate Frog

Yet another frog we’re all too fond of. Haigh’s Chocolates has been making their delectable chocolate here in SA since 1915 and are still doing a mighty fine job if you ask us!

The Haigh’s Chocolate Frog is the most iconic item, but we’re also fond of their Chocolate Bilbies (small cute rodent creature for those overseas readers) and Easter eggs too.

If you haven’t done it before, be sure to check out their free tour of the chocolate factory (currently suspended due to COVID-19 but keep an eye out for their return). There won’t be any Oompa Loompas but you get your fair share of free choccies to try, and learn so much more about this great South Australian company. You must book though!

A Royal Adelaide Showbag

The Royal Adelaide Show has become a pinnacle event in the SA calendar.

From humble beginnings where farmers could showcase their best work, now it is an extravaganza of great SA produce, talented creators, food, carnival rides and of course showbags (themed bags filled with great treats for affordable prices).

Unfortunately the 2020 Royal Adelaide Show won’t be going ahead due to COVID-19 restrictions, but you can still buy your showbags! Find them here.

A trip on the SeaLink Ferry

The trip across to Kangaroo Island is a lengthy but rewarding one. Plus, how great is it to be able to say you’ve travelled the most expensive strip of ocean per kilometre in the world!?

Seriously though, the scenic drive down to Cape Jervis where you board the ferry is stunning and once you reach your destination you’ll make memories that you won’t ever forget.

There are so many incredible tourist attractions on KI, so we recommend relaxing there for more than a day or so. Our favourite secret spots are The Rockpool Cafe at Stokes Bay (great service and lovely food), a tasting at KIS (Kangaroo Island Spirits) featuring KIS Gin which is making waves in the Australian alcohol market and a trip to Island Beehive to try world class pure honey.

Photo by Isaac Forman

An Adelaide Fringe Ticket

It honestly doesn’t matter what it’s to. Ok it does. But there’s so much amazing talent on offer at dirt cheap prices (sometimes even free).

It’s one of our favourite times of year, often with so much to see we’ve got to line things up back to back! But we’re willing to do it all in the name of a great SA festival.

The circus/cabaret/acrobatic style shows will take your breath away, an abundance of comedy acts both local and international will have you in stitches and of course you MUST head to the glory of the RCC, the coolest party venue for fringe.

An Entry Ticket to Magic Mountain***

This one is a tricky one. Albeit that Magic Mountain is now a distant memory, and in its place stands The Beach House (another great family venue, but not as much of a ‘diamond in the rough’).

But we at the Glam office decided it was quintessential to the history of our great state, and therefore could not go unmentioned. Countless hours of fun were spent by many South Australians at this rustic “theme park” zipping down the water slides and racing around the sky cycle. Although a bit of an eye sore, it gained a place in our hearts, where it will live forever.

A ‘Heaps Good’ Tshirt

Ok so we’ll admit they aren’t the height of style anymore (or were they ever?). But that’s beside the point.

When these bad boys came about we all had a good giggle about how great our little ‘Heaps Good’ colloquialism truly is.

You’ve probably got one hiding in the back of your wardrobe or wear it to bed. But regardless it was, and remains to be a great patriotic purchase to demonstrate your state pride. Still available at the Urban Cow. 

Produce from The Central Market

If you spot us here we will most likely be the ones skipping from stall to stall singing ‘Food Glorious Food’ and flailing our arms in a mediocre (at best) broadway-esque fashion.

It doesn’t matter what your fancy is, there’s something to cover it all at this iconic Adelaide spot. We are so lucky to have such an abundance of extremely high quality, fresh produce here in SA and this is the perfect spot to celebrate it all.

Get lost amongst the crowds and experience a vibrant world of sights, sounds and tastes.  

A Ticket On The Horse Drawn Tram at Victor Harbor 

It has been running since 1894 (don’t worry they’ve had a few horses in that time) and is truly like stepping back in time.

Even though the journey from Victor Harbor across to the quaint Granite Island can be done by foot, the Horse Drawn Tram is a way to see the heritage of this state and is one of those things you just have to do in SA, even if it is just once!

Port Elliot Bakery

An institution. South Australians will travel far and wide just to wrap their lips around the mouth-watering baked goods of this little bakery.

We know many folk (not just us ok!) that are happy to make a day trip with this location as its main focus. We’re impartial to a hearty pie (especially come the colder seasons) and a custard berlina for dessert!

The line is almost always out the door and down the street, but that just screams quality to us. Plus the service is always great, so you won’t be waiting long to satisfy your cravings.

A great bottle of SA wine

While we’re on the wine topic you’ll have to buy yourself a bottle. We’d recommend Penfolds Grange, as it is known as the best in the world, but that $700+ price tag isn’t for everyone.

There’s a plethora of wine we could recommend, but it still wouldn’t cover it all. We suggest you just start trying, buying and tasting… and never stop.

Coffin Bay Oysters

They’re world renowned for a reason. We love them for special events, dinner parties or just as a refreshing summer meal.

The perfect example of the fresh and delicious seafood available to us here in SA. For oyster lovers, a new Oyster Farm HQ has launched where you can tour Coffin Bay oyster farms. More info on that here.

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