Youth Theatre Review: Porridge

Nursery Rhyme Crime has never been so good.

Presented by Theatre Bugs and Adelaide Festival Centre

Reviewed 29 June 2019

Porridge is brought to the Adelaide Festival Centre, Dunstan Playhouse stage by Theatre Bugs and ‘wow’, did these budding young actors do a stellar job. Nursery Rhyme Crime has never been so good. With so many old-time favourites it was a chatter amongst the audience whist parents explained who Wee Willie Winkie was. The audience maintained high engagement from start to finish which is difficult given the preschool age demographic and certainly gives further credit to just how fantastic this cast is.

Director Ben Francis should be proud of his talented cast, production team and stage crew; all aiding in the production of a very professional production. Set changes were smooth, the visual projections were bright and sound effects were cleverly used without. Jokes a plenty and just 70 minutes of pure fun.

The best part was that Principal, Supporting and Ensemble cast were all as strong as each other which gave depth to the show in a way that you followed every minute of this Detective tale waiting to see how the mystery would be solved. Will Mother Hubbard get her recipe book? Will Humpty be okay? Will Baby Bear be made to make Porridge?

A great show for all ages and the Something On Saturday craft crew made sure the Detective fun just kept keeping on in the foyer after. A wonderful way to spend a Winter day.

Reviewed by Tara Forbes-Godfrey

Production Team

Director – Ben Francis

Musical Director – Millicent Sarre

Choreographer – Jasmin Teurlings

Costumes – Emily Jaensch

Set Design – Ben Francis

Props – Matt Houston & Ben Francis

Two shows only – Season Ended

Disclaimer: Ben Francis is a Reviewer for the Glam Adelaide Arts team

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