YouTube Sensation Hits Adelaide For Our First Hair & Beauty Show!

YouTube Sensation Hits Town For Adelaide’s First Hair And Beauty Show!

Adelaide is playing host to Brittney Saunders, one of YouTube’s rising stars, at the Kohl & Capri Hair and Makeup Show in September.


Kohl & Capri are bringing YouTube star Brittney Saunders, a beauty and lifestyle vlogger to Adelaide for their Hair and Makeup Show in September. Glam Adelaide was lucky enough to catch the woman of the moment and chat with her about her upcoming Adelaide appearance, her YouTube channel and the life of an online sensation.

Brittney Saunders is the young Australian vlogger who’s taking the world by storm through her channel BRITTNEYLEESAUNDERS. Getting her start in 2011 as a beauty video blogger, Brittney quickly expanded to including videos on everything she loved, makeup videos, comedy skits, singing covers, Q&A’s, and other general vlogs.


Brittney’s general vlogs range from story telling to ‘follow me around’ videos, touching on some personal subjects. However, the young star doesn’t shy away from anything.

“Everything I put out I’m totally 100% comfortable with talking about, I’ve just found that the more relatable you are the more people are going to like you as a person… I’ve never really been hesitant to talk about anything”.

Touching on subjects like break-ups, losing weight, and wetting her pants in public, Brittney’s relate-ability is a major part of her huge success.

BrittneyLiving the dream of hundreds of Aussie youths, Brittney never thought that she’d have this “mind blowing” experience. In our chat with her she told us that: “I knew it would always be a little thing on the side that I’d do, but I never in a million years would have thought that I would wake up every day and be able to make videos as a full time job.”

This dream come true has afforded her the opportunity to start her own successful line of natural and vegan body products, NKD Body.

This is the first trade show that Brittney has attended as an official guest, a very exciting opportunity for both her and Khol & Capri. She told us that while she’s been to a few trade shows before as an attendee and let her fans know where she is, this is the first organised show she has done.

Don’t miss your chance to meet this lively young rising star. You can catch Brittney at the Kohl & Capri trade show on September 26 and 27 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Tickets are available from

Check out our story about the Kohl & Capri Hair & Makeup Show below for more information:

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