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New Japanese restaurant Yuki in Burnside reveals mouth watering autumnal menu

Yuki in Burnside introduces new 9-course seasonal menu to Adelaide’s East, as well as a luxury Sunday sushi menu, starting from 27th March.

Image credit: Jon Wah

Fine dining restaurant, Yuki in Burnside, is introducing a brand new menu for the Autumn season.

The menu is now a 9-course degustation of authentic Japanese goodness, entitled ‘Omakase by Yohei’, which translate to ‘leave it up to the chef’.

Yuki in Burnside, which first opened in November last year, changes its menu monthly.

Chef Haombo Yohei, originally from Melbourne’s restaurant Ishizuka, coordinates the menu based on what ingredients are in season.

First up is a homemade chestnut tofu, using traditional Japanese ingredients and soaked in a bonito broth sauce.

Sakizuke – Chestnut Tofu

For Zensai (Japanese for ‘appetiser’), there are seven components.

“We have sweet soy cooked tuna with spinach and chrysanthemums, Ginko nuts from Japan, and sweet vinegar jelly with edamame beans and raspberry,” said Owner Mike Oh.

“[There will also be] home-made pumpkin kastella, paradise prawn & slowly cooked duck breast with eggplant, and SA’s baby abalone with Tasmanian sea urchin.”


For the sashimi course, Yuki in Burnside will be serving fresh tuna, half cooked paradise prawn, konbuzime (seaweed) baby snapper with micro shiso.

Yakimono Sakana, which means grilled fish in Japanese, will be the fourth course.

“The black cod is marinated for three days in Saikyo miso (Kyoto style white miso), so it’s got a richer flavour with a bit of a sweet taste,” said Mike.

Cleanse your palate with a Wagyu tempura dish for the Daimono course.


“Wagyu is from Japan and it’s A5 wagyu which is the highest marbling rate. We rapped wagyu beef with Japanese Shiso leaf and make it tempura. Also there is Zucchini flower tempura with Japanese Shinjo (Traditional Japanese fishcake),” said Mike.

The sushi round features Toro sushi. Toro is the “tuna belly”.

“We get the best tuna from Tokyo fish markets in Japan, direct to us by our fish supplier in Melbourne,” said Mike.

“We are trying to provide the very best Japanese cuisine to people of Adelaide so they can know Japan has much more beautiful dishes than just ramen or takeaway sushi.”

Dig into some flamed scampi pawn (Sunomono – course 7), with vinegar-cured spring onion and chrysanthemums. Then the final savoury dish will be the green tea soba noodle, with wagyu beef.


“The wagyu beef will be marinated in white truffle oil and sweet soy sauce,” said Mike. “It’ll also be garnished with spring onion, quail egg, and black truffle from France.”

Two desserts will be on offer, created by Yuki on Burnside’s Sous Chef and Dessert Chef, Kumiko Kato. First is a Pear Brûlée with Chestnuts cream & YUZU bubble on top. The second dessert, and last dish for the 9-course degustation, is the chocolate montblanc with Hojicha (roasted Japanese sencha) ice cream with crumbed macadamia biscuit.

Pear Brûlée

This luxe menu offer is $185 per person. There is a $40 Omakase option for kids to enjoy as well.

9-course degustation not for you? Yuki in Burnside is also commencing a Sushi Omakase every Sunday from 27th March, priced at $160 per person.

“Sushi Omakase is real Japanese Sushi experience. You will sit at the counter bar and watch how sushi master Chef Yohei create your pieces of sushi with the best and freshest ingredients,” said Mike.

Yuki in Burnside is located at 548 Portrush Road, Glen Osmond.

Book online via the Yuki in Burnside website.

You can follow Yuki on Facebook and Instagram.

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