Zante Greek Street Food Eatery Has Opened In Henley Beach

Yet another tasty addition for Henley Beach this week.


Yet another tasty addition for Henley Beach this week with Zante Greek street food opening its doors.

The casual eatery is serving up everything you’d expect – gyros, AB packs, souvlaki, salads, dips and halloumi.

Everything is available for takeaway, or there’s plenty of seating to hang around and enjoy your meal. 

Zante sits on the corner of Henley Beach Road and East Terrace, and takes over a former video store, which was also owned by the same family for 14 years.

They’ve now set their sights on serving up authentic Greek food. Zante comes from the shortened name for the Greek island of Zakynthos, which is where the owners’ family are from originally.

Zante is open Tuesday to Sunday 10am-late. 16 Henley Beach Road, Henley Beach. Visit Zante on Facebook here


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