ZARA Adelaide signs 20 year lease, cementing its home at Burnside Village

The huge announcement comes as ZARA prepares to refurbish and expand their flagship South Australian store.

Photo: Pictured L-R : Luke Minicozzi/Richard Stabile/Gregg Downer/Pablo Vizcaino Feijoo/Jodie Kanane/Jose Ignacio Nievas Andres/Alberto González-Garcés

ZARA has announced a monumental 20-year lease agreement at Burnside Village, reinforcing the international retail behemoth’s foothold in Adelaide. This move was shared by Andrew Cohen FAICD, Director of the Cohen Group of Companies, marking a significant milestone in the relationship between ZARA and Burnside Village.

“Zara and Burnside Village step into another significant long-term relationship. ZARA signs an historic 20-year Lease at Burnside Village. Bringing their latest Couture and Atelier designs, and consolidating their single presence in South Australia, Zara will enlarge their flagship store (to be the 2nd largest in the country), refurbish the store with a multi-million tier-1 couture/atelier fitout and commit to a new 20-year lease. Since our very first meeting, Zara and Cohen Group have worked tirelessly together and always front facing. And where possible, face-to-face meetings which means a lot of time at their headquarters in A’Corunas (Spain). ZARA have already traded for thirteen years at Burnside Village and in 2024, will invest with their latest global Flagship store reflecting the strength in Adelaide (and South Australia) all via our commitment to retail excellence,” Andrew Cohen posted to his LinkedIn profile on March 29th.

The refurbishment and expansion of ZARA’s Burnside store, set to begin in June, aims to elevate the shopping experience. The store will temporarily close its doors for several months, with a grand reopening anticipated in mid-October 2024. This temporary closure is seen as a minor inconvenience compared to the expected enhancements. The renovation will modernise the store and expand its offerings, including ZARA’s renowned collections for women, men, and children, in addition to accessories and perfumes.

This expansion aligns with the Stage Six expansion project of Burnside Village, which is expected to be unveiled in March 2025. The Centre will undergo a significant enlargement, introducing a new premium mall with dedicated dining, home, youth fashion, health, and lifestyle precincts.

Gregg Downer, CEO of Burnside Village and Cohen Group, expressed enthusiasm for ZARA’s investment and expansion. “We are delighted that ZARA will be investing and expanding at Burnside Village to showcase their newest store format and merchandise presentations. We look forward to our customers enjoying the new ZARA offerings,” he stated.

Bruce Carter, AO, Chairman of Cohen Group, highlighted the importance of this partnership and the commitment to supporting retailers. “The Burnside Village expansion marks a significant milestone as the largest private sector retail property expansion in South Australia,” Bruce commented.

Jose Ignacio Nievas Andres, Managing Director of Inditex for ZARA, shared his pride in the 13-year journey at Burnside Village. “Our Burnside Village store will be the first in Australia, and one of the first in the Southern Hemisphere, to be updated with our latest best-in-class Couture/Atelier store layout,” Jose remarked.

Fashion enthusiasts are encouraged to anticipate a new era of fashion at Burnside Village, where ZARA is set to redefine shopping experiences with its latest store format and offerings.

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