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Zee Gachette Talks The Birth Of Her ‘Delta’ In Australia

There is only one Zee Gachette, one Z-Star Delta and Adelaide is in for a real treat at Picnic In The Park tomorrow as part of Feast Festival.

Getting over the jet-lag means that seeing Adelaide hasn’t been on the radar for Zee Gachette and her compadre Sebastien Heintz since they arrived. But they assure us it’s on the cards before the show. Invited to our fare city, the duo will headline Picnic In The Park as part of the Feast Festival 2016, bringing some notoriously loud psychedelic vibes to an otherwise clear Spring day. Unlike the choice of Dannii Minogue for the opening night, which presented the bubble-gum party celebrations, this choice truly represents the diversity of the Feast Festival, mirrored in the range, scope and variety creativity which spews forth from the maelstrom of on stage noise produced by this duo. It’s from the soul it comes, and to the soul it connects.

Zee has been sleeping in a studio, of sorts, since she arrived in town, preparing something special for Feast tomorrow. “Oh yeah, we just lead these rock star lives man, life is just about music, we just have to live in a studio,” Zee jokes, as in reality it’s the house of a close friend. A close friend in a foreign city isn’t unusual in the music community, and is especially reflected by the disparate pockets of fans who exist around the globe who share a love of psychedelic music. There might be one or two cities in the world who identify with the genre, but for the most part, it’s bound by the online community, the sharing of music, the sharing of their passions, a collective bound by an ethereal connection.

“Before we came, we knew there were fans buying tickets from Melbourne and stuff, fans coming who wanted to see Z-Star and the Delta as well. The thing is, and we find this in the UK as well, you have the music scene and then you have the gay scene as well. Playing each is two different things. This year we played Pride which is a huge event in Brighton and we did the women’s tent and that was really great. Funnily enough, we’re usually just playing music venues so this was really great to play amongst my people, if you know what I mean. It takes on a different meaning. But coming to Australia is even more for us. You see, the last tour we did here was how the Delta was born, because we were playing a lot of shows as a two piece. And then we also played Daylesford (Chill Out Festival) and that was craziness.”

The Delta has become it’s own distinct for of expression for Zee and Sebastien, a reflection of their combined life experiences, influences and creative drive, distinct from Z-Star which Zee prefers to refer to as ‘The Mothership’. In the swirling maelstrom of sound surrounding The Motherhship on stage, it’s easy to get lost in the moment, but the Delta, the duo, is a more calculated and personal, lending itself to something more intimate, but equally loud!

“When Delta was formed, we realised that some tunes didn’t translate to the two piece,” she explains.
We’re always writing, so we just starting writing tunes, even before we were calling ourselves the Delta. And we just found we had another sound, but more experimental because we’re just a two piece and we work with a lot of looping. Then I started playing the drums and singing acoustic and Seb is playing guitar, bass; it’s quite detailed to make the loud sound. Delta has a load of textures but it’s different – it’s got its own energy, it’s dark and light.”

It’s not very often that two separate creative projects are able to inform one another with quite such a seamless transition between the two, and from the same place of passion.

“I’ve realised that having different projects, at the end of the day if someone is into someone that you do, then they’re going to get into everything they do. There are some people who, when we took Tthe Motherhship more towards rock after being incredibly heavy, who were asking for the acoustic again. But then we also found a whole lot of new group of people who were in love with the rock, and saying just do more of that. Even go heavier.” It’s a unique reflection upon the music that no matter where you enter into Zee’s career, people have found a point of accessibility.

“I’d like to think I’ve got a gay following, mostly women, but for me, this invitation, it’s just great to be here, in Australia, be invited. We are here to have a good time, play a great show and be a apart of the celebration.”

Z-Star Delta will perform at Picnic In The Park in the glorious surrounds of Pink Flat from 11am to 8pm. on Sunday 6 November. With the picturesque backdrop of the River Torrens/Karrawirra Parri, special community stalls, mouth-watering food vans, and a plethora of fun activities for all the family. For more information, follow the event on Facebook.

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