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Zero New COVID-19 Cases In SA Today

There have been no new cases of COVID-19 in South Australia today. There have been a total of 443 cases reported in SA.


There have been no new cases of COVID-19 today. There have been a total of 443 cases reported in SA.

There are no active cases in SA and 439 people have been cleared of COVID-19.

There have been four reported deaths in SA from COVID-19.

More than 171,500 tests have been undertaken in SA.


As of 10 July 2020, the total number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Victoria is 3,379, with 288 new cases since their July 9th report. This morning the Victorian Premier announced an additional 216 cases in a press conference, however official numbers are yet to be released on the Victorian Health website.

NSW recorded 7 new cases today.

Here’s the Australian stats at a glance (updated at 9pm each night).

Going Forward

Everyone must continue to follow measures that will help stop the spread. Practice good hygiene, keep 1.5 metres distance from others and stay at home if you are unwell.

People experiencing any of the following symptoms (even if mild) should be tested for COVID-19:

• Fever or chills (in the absence of an alternative illness that explains these symptoms)
• An acute respiratory infection e.g. symptoms of cough, sore throat, runny nose, or shortness of breath
• Loss of smell or alteration in the sense of taste

Templates for COVID Management Plans can be accessed online. High risk public activities that require a COVID Management Plan include:
• Gatherings and activities of more than 1,000 people.
• Licenced premises under the Liquor Licencing Act 1997 where both dancing and the consumption of liquor occurs.
• The operation of a nightclub, where the principle purpose of the premise is for the consumption of liquor, the playing of loud, amplified music and dancing.

All COVID Management Plans will be reviewed by SA Health and the assessment process may involve site visits and inspections.

If there is an increase in community transmission of COVID-19, existing COVID Management Plans maybe reviewed to ensure activities are still safe to proceed.

In the event of a widespread outbreak, approval for COVID Management Plans may need to be revoked.

For more information and to submit at COVID-19 Management Plan, visit

Call the SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787, or go to, for more information.

Keep up the good work SA and let’s not undo all the good.

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