Can't Wait For Nutella-Palooza? Check Out The Warm Up Event

Can’t Wait For Nutella-Palooza? Check Out The Warm Up Event

We want Nutella and we want it now!


The hype has well and truly hit Adelaide. We all know by now that Australia’s first Nutella Festival is ON ITS WAY! Commence heavy breathing… and slight drooling. But if you can’t wait until April 9th we’ve got some damned delicious news for you!

This Friday (that’s right… tomorrow!) is World Nutella Day, and the fab folks from Nutella-Palooza don’t want the choc-nutty hungry people of Adelaide to miss out.

The festivities will kick off from 5pm in conjunction with Sweets and Treats month at the Adelaide Central Market. Head to the Community Kitchen where there will be balloons for the kiddies, but most importantly there are live cooking demonstrations, all revolving around the nation’s favourite spread.

Hosted by Glam fave Dougal McFuzzlebutt, SA cooking legends Alex Crawford will be making pancakes with Nutella Sauce (from 5.15pm) and Bree May will be whipping up a Death by Nutella Dream Pie (6pm). Cue VERY heavy breathing and excessive drooling.

Riccardo from Marino Meats will be selling off 3kg tubs of the sticky gooey hero of the hour for discounted prices, yippee! One of those bad boys should last you until AT LEAST Nutella-Palooza kicks off, but who are we to tell you how much Nutella one human should consume?

Our friend Riccardo will also be doing “samples” of Nutella on bread. For those who have had the unfortunate existence that hasn’t included Nutella thus far…. Or for those that pretend as such.

There will be plenty more Nutella themed treats to lock your lips around, our mouths are literally watering at the thought! We’ll be doing or best to befriend Theo from Market Bread Bar who’ll be selling Nutella crepes from the market cart from 5.30pm.

If Nutella is not your jam (or spread as the case may be) there will be plenty of other sweet treats to indulge in at the Markets… but seriously shame on you.

We can wait for this little taster of things to come as we edge closer to the Nutella-fest that has taken the nation by storm. If you need us for anything we’ll be the ones in the corner, wearing a bib and spooning mouthfuls of the gooey stuff into our gobs from the 3kg tub. Don’t you judge us.

Photo Credit: Bree May

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