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Fringe Review: The Alphabet Of Awesome Science

Back for another year of exciting experiments, The Alphabet Of Awesome Science truly lives up to its name.

From A to Z, The Alphabet of Awesome Science certainly lives up to its name.

Presented by Six Foot Something Productions Pty Ltd
Reviewed 7 March 2021

Back for another year of exciting experiments, The Alphabet Of Awesome Science truly lives up to its name.

The premise of the show is simple. When the audience arrives, professors Lexi Con (Emma Bargery) and Noel Edge (David Lampard) ask members of the audience to randomly select letters of the alphabet, creating a random order across the back of the stage. From there, the professors have 52 minutes to perform a science experiment to correspond to each letter of the alphabet, equating to two minutes per experiment. Sounds simple enough you would think…..wrong. This is where the magic of this show lies.

Lampard and Bargery are a tight unit. I’ve seen this show before, and it keeps getting slicker. The script is so carefully written and executed perfectly, to the point that you forget it’s all scripted – it feels as though they really are just “nerding” out on stage. Each experiment has a well written, informative script. As the order of the experiments change from show to show, due to how the audience selects the letters, the two cast members have each experiment memorised as individual performances, rather than learning and rehearsing a show from start to finish. The two cast members weave the show together successfully and seamlessly.

The experiments are each carried out in such a way that you don’t realise you are actually learning something. My 5 year old daughter surprised me by informing me after the show that water can absorb heat and the average adult human can produce nearly 2 litres of urine a day (important information to retain when you’re 5).

From explosions, smoke donuts, and liquid nitrogen experiments to water flying left, right and centre, this show is action-packed for the full 60 minute duration. There is no dead time, so there is never a moment to lose the audience. This is no easy feat, especially when your target audience has a short attention span. The audience at the performance I saw hung onto Lampard and Bargery’s every word throughout the performance.

The Alphabet Of Awesome Science is certainly a “must see” as part of your 2021 Adelaide Fringe. Although aimed at the younger audience, there certainly is something in there for everyone.

Reviewed by: Ben Stefanoff
Twitter: @theartsislife

Venue: The Flamingo at Gluttony
Season: March 6 – 21, various times
Duration: 1 hour
Tickets: From $18.00

Rating out of 5: 5



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