Introducing ‘Frida’ by Sollis Jewellery

Sollis is a one of a kind Australian statement jewellery label handmade by designer Eleanor Ford. Sollis debuted its ‘Masai’ collection with huge success in 2011 and has now returned with its brand new collection ‘Frida’.

Inspired by the rich culture of South America and the vibrant life of Frida Kahlo, ‘Frida’ is a collection of striking statement jewellery in bold colour combinations. Eleanor’s clever use of clashing colours in this range is innovative and currently on trend which makes it not only chic but wearable.

‘Frida’ showcases an array of new jewellery styles including large and small collared and V-style necklaces, tassel, teardrop and spike earrings and cuff style bracelets. Features include oxidised metal, mother of pearl stones, dyed howlite and dyed jade beading.

The collection is made using the 70’s craft technique ‘Macramé’; Eleanor has reinvented it by contrasting soft tactile fabrics with structured metal beading. "I constantly challenge myself to learn new craft techniques.

Taking a spark of an idea and a new technique, I often design jewellery in a hands on fashion, allowing a concept to develop through the making process itself.' Says Eleanor.

‘Sollis’ is stocked nationwide and is available online at prices range from $55 – $273

1. Large 'Frida' collar necklace – beige
2. Large 'Adela' collar – grey/lime
3. 'Frida' cuff – mustard/lime
4. Small 'Inez' bracelet – mustard/teal
5. Large 'Adela' cuff – grey/lime
6. Large 'Adela' cuff – black/teal
7. Small 'Inez' necklace – grey/lime
8. Long 'Evita' tassel earrings – turquoise
9. Medium 'Inez' necklace – mustard/teal
10. Small 'Inez' bracelet – red/fucia
11. 'Frida' cuff – grey/pink
12. Large 'Adela' cuff – grey/lime
13. Large 'Zola' collar necklace
14. Small 'Inez' necklace – red/fucia
15. 'Eloisa' teardrop earrings – grey/pink
16. Medium 'Frida' neckace – red/lime
17. Long 'Sara' necklace – grey/lime
18. Small 'Zola' crescent necklace – black
19. 'Frida' tassel necklace – black/lime
20. Small 'Imelda' necklace – grey/white
21. 'Sofia' 3 spike earrings – black
22. Small 'Imelda' V necklace – black/lime
23. Medium 'Frida' necklace – mustard/white
24. Short 'Sara' necklace – beige/turquoise
25. 'Eloisa' teardrop earrings – mustard
26. Large 'Imelda' V necklace – beige/white

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