Review: Jessica Mauboy Kicks Off Aussie Tour in Adelaide

Last night saw Jessica Mauboy kick off her first solo National tour at The Adelaide Entertainment Centre theatre with a bang.


JESSICA MAUBOY - Glam Adelaide-0698Last night saw Jessica Mauboy kick off her first solo National tour at The Adelaide Entertainment Centre theatre with a bang.  The night began with Nathaniel Willemse getting the crowd amped up before Jessica began her performance. Looking fierce in silver leather shorts Jessica owned the stage with a a fantastic opening of songs from her first album including ‘Up/Down’ and ‘Burn’.

She was a shining star on the stage, her infectious smile, sassy moves and incredible vocals had the crowd hooked from the start. There was a diverse age mix in the audience, but predominantly teenage girls who just idolise her, and what a brilliant role model. Jess really connected with the crowd and from about song 3 people started to get out of their seats and head towards the stage. This was where Jessica really got to interact with her fans and boy did they love it, and so did Jess,  many times saying how emotional she felt about the crowd reaction.

JESSICA MAUBOY - Glam Adelaide-0732Highlights of the show were her duet with support act Nathaniel, who put on a brilliant performance in his own right. They sang ‘What happened to us’ and their voices melded perfectly. Another brilliant moment was when the whole band changed outfits for a “Sapphires” medley and this was where her voice absolutely soared.

Her energy was amazing throughout the whole show and you could see how excited and passionate she is about her music and her “The End Of The Earth” tour.

Jessica also treated us to a few songs from her new album “Beautiful” ending the night on a high with the whole crowd on their feet and singing “Pop a bottle(fill me up)”.

It is obvious that Jessica’s star is still on the rise and with a performance and voice that is World Class I can’t wait to see where she’s headed.

Written for Glam Adelaide by Kara Fantasia – The Style Factor
5 x winner ABIA award for excellence

Photography by Jackie Tran

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