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We’ve found one of the most Christmassy houses in Adelaide

How EPIC are the Christmas decorations at this Adelaide house?!


Naomi and Paul’s house in Beverly has been something of a calling card over the past years with its standout Christmas decorations.

The couple have been decorating for years but their 2020 edition has blown away locals and visitors.

We’re unveiling this delightful home to you, dear reader, so you can also get your Christmas on.

Marvel over this:

Our reaction:

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We chatted to Naomi to ask the questions on everyone’s minds like why do you love Christmas decorating so much, how can up my decoration game, and where on earth is she storing all of this?!.

According to Naomi, it didn’t start this extravagant.

“We started to decorate our house initially as our neighbours had three young children, we thought it would be nice to help bring Christmas cheer and the excitement of Santa,” she says.

“Like those children, our display has grown each year and hopefully it brings joy to more people during these difficult times.

“We especially love Christmas decorating as it represents the coming together of our community as well as family and friends like the brewery lights did.

“The excitement of colour, glitter and Christmas magic is what we can sometimes momentarily get lost in to help forget some of the seriousness of life’s complexities.

“It is fun and enjoyable.”

It seems that the wealth of energy for decorating is reserved for Christmas, but Naomi and Paul do celebrate with parties for Halloween, Easter, and more.

It’s also tradition in their household to put up decorations on Pageant day but the whole process takes a bit of time, so the duo begin a month in advance.

For amateur decorators, it will do you well to take on board Naomi’s sage advice.

“Start collecting, keep an eye on marketplaces as sometimes the older decorations can be very unique,” she says.

“Also, try new things like making your own. This year we had some assistance from Big Idea Giants, Matthew John Plummer. It was great collaborating ideas and putting them into place.

“Try and focus on story telling, it helps to keep your collection looking like it is relevant, have fun!”

It would also benefit you to have some space for the abundance of decorations off-season. Naomi and Paul have a dedicated section in their shed for al things Christmas. Ingenious!

You can also head to this magnificent home, whether it be to marvel over the decorations or take some pointers.

The lights are on from 7.30pm to 11pm every night in December.

Find it at 69 Golding Street, Beverly.

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