Coeliac All-You-Can Eat Pizza Party

Coeliacs rejoice. There’s a party being held, just for you.


Earlier this year, the Duke of Brunswick did something that was a first in Adelaide, and certainly gained the historic pub some new fans. It became Adelaide’s first, and only pub with a gluten free kitchen, along with having a dedicated gluten-free beer on tap. Coeliacs rejoiced.

Now in a move, set to continue the free-flowing love from one of society’s “what can we eat on this menu, if anything” groups, the Duke are throwing a party.

Coeliac Awareness Week is coming up, and The Duke of Brunswick are holding an all-you-can-eat pizza party on Wednesday the 13th of March.

The pizza will be rolling out from the kitchen from 530pm-7pm, and party-goers will also get to enjoy a Pint of their gluten free tap beer, or Adelaide Hills cider on arrival.

And the cost? A mere $25 her head. Get on to it Adelaide coeliacs. And the rest of Adelaide for that matter. It’s set to be a great night out in the city.

Tickets are limited to get in quick.

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