Fire damages Storytellers Distillery, but here’s how you can help

Storytellers Distillery and Long Story Short will be closed due to a neighbouring fire that has caused significant damage to the property.

Storytellers Distillery – a Brompton-based, small-batch gin distillery – and its accompanying bar, Long Story Short, will unfortunately be closing their doors for the foreseeable future due to a fire that ravaged a neighbouring building.

While (luckily) no one was hurt or injured, the fire has caused significant damage to the property. This is pretty grim news, but never fear, Head Distiller and Director Lachlan Gunner has let us know that restorations are underway and there’s ways we can help.

“The damage has been pretty significant. Cinder blocks have fallen through the ceiling and destroyed half the bar. The actual ceiling is currently being held up by a still,” says Lachlan.

“The shock is starting to wear off now, so we’re starting to build again and clean up. Our first priority though is supporting and focussing on our staff members.”

While people can’t visit the distillery right now, Storytellers still has plenty of stock that is available for online sales. What’s more, Storytellers will be attending the Cellar Door Winter Edit this weekend, where gin lovers will be able to buy some bottles in person.

“While we won’t be producing any new stock at the moment, we do have plenty of stock to cater to online orders,” says Lachlan.

“We’d love to reopen our doors in approximately 4-8 weeks’ time, but that’s a ball-park time frame. Wouldn’t expect it to take longer than a couple months.”

On a positive note, Lachlan says the SA distillery scene has showed up in a tremendous way.

“The support that we’ve received – and me, personally – has been overwhelming. Big shout out to the local SA distilleries that have offered to make, store, and even deliver our products,” says Lachlan.

“We’ve always said that the distillery scene is very welcoming, but you don’t understand how welcoming they truly are until the worst happens.”

To find out more about this weekend’s Cellar Door Winter Edit, click here.

Otherwise, visit the Storytellers website to see their gin selection.

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