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Fringe Review: Hypnotist Matt Hale: Top Fun! 80’s Spectacular

Hypnotising time warp to the 80s

Hypnotising time warp to the 80s

Presented by: Mathryn Enterprises pty ltd

Reviewed: 9 March, 2024

If you love the music of the 80s and a lot of audience participation, you must see Matt Hale’s brand-new show, ’80s Spectacular Remix. Matt has an innate ability to excite even the shyest audience member with his positivity and exuberant personality. It would explain why his shows are generally full; after seeing him, It’s completely understandable. 

I’d start by saying that no one is persuaded to participate, so sitting in the front row has you perfectly safe. Matt doesn’t pick people from the audience when asking for victims/volunteers. It was surprising to see more people coming forward than there were chairs on the stage. I see the rush to the stage akin to Swifties clambering for the latest release of concert tickets. This may have a lot to do with the positive, entertaining and thoughtful nature of the hypnotist. 

What do I love most? Ok, I adore all the 80s music we were encouraged to sing along to. The excitement and laughter of the audience will have you wishing you had rushed up to the stage to become an exuberant participant. 

I won’t say what happens on the stage because what happens at a Matt Hale show stays at a Matt Hale show. If you are lucky enough to share the stage with Matt, you may or may not remember, guarantee the friends you came with will fill you in. It’s a show your family or friend group will discuss for days. 

I highly recommend bringing a group of family or friends with you so that you can record their performance and post it on your socials. 

This is a show you must not miss this Fringe season.

Reviewed by Anastazija Hankins

Venue: The Peacock – Gluttony
Season: Until 17 March, 2024
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: $20 – $40

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