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Fringe Review: Scotland!

“Scotland!” is a frantic, zany homage to almost everything Scottish, as performed by British physical theatre group The Latebloomers

Och aye the noo! This Scotland is well worth the visit

Reviewed at the National Wine Centre on 7 March 2019

Presented by The Latebloomers

There seems to be a resurgence at the moment, especially in Adelaide during this Fringe season, of extreme, high quality physical theatre. This is one of the disciplines required for mime artists and/or clowns. It is not an easy skill to master – but master it Bristol based company The Latebloomers certainly has.

Their current production Scotland! is hilarious (except for a beautifully moving bit toward the end) and is the funniest show that this reviewer has seen so far this Fringe. It is a frantic, zany homage to almost everything Scottish: fly fishing, stag hunting, whiskey drinking, shortbread etc (i.e. all the good stuff). With the structure of the show, there is even “Freedom!” to play with Braveheart.

The boys (Sam, Oliver and Jon) do the Highlands incredibly and hilariously proud, making sure that the audience enjoy their trip, and the night reviewed, we were with them every kilt flapping, bagpipe blowing step of the way. There is skill in every nuance that the trio make and incredible rhythm abounds with stunning alacrity.

Take the high road or the low road, or any road as long as it gets ye to the National Wine Centre and Scotland!

Reviewed by Brian Godfrey
Twitter: @briangods

Venue: Gallery Room at the National Wine Centre
Season: Until 17 March 2019
Duration: 60 mins
Tickets: $10 – $25 Family $60


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