Malinauskas Government provides FREE flu shots

South Australians are set to receive FREE flu shots just in time for winter to ease state hospital pressure.

Source: Glam Adelaide

The Malinauskas Labor Government will provide free flu shots to all South Australians to ease pressure on the state’s hospitals.

For the first time in South Australian history, flu shots will be available for FREE until June 30, 2022.

The free jabs will be funded via a subsidy scheme for South Australian GPs and pharmacists.

Anticipating additional pressure will be placed on the hospital system, the initiative is estimated to cost $4.9 million with Premier Peter Malinauskas declaring the government will not sit back and watch this occur.

“At the last State Election, I said I would do everything I possibly could to ease pressure on our hospital system.

“We are not going to be a government that sits back and doesn’t act.

“We must do everything we can to ensure as many South Australians as possible are immunised against both COVID and influenza to ease pressure on our hospitals.

“My message to all South Australians is to get vaccinated against both COVID-19 and influenza to protect yourself and your family this winter.

The Malinauskas Government is hoping the FREE influenza vaccine will encourage more children to get vaccinated with pharmacies around South Australia now permitted to administer flu vaccinations to children aged 5 to 9 years of age.

The free flu vax program has been designed to offer an incentive for as many South Australians to get vaccinated as soon as possible so they can protect themselves when influenza is forecast to peak later in winter.

With South Australia facing the prospect of the combined spread of COVID-19 and influenza during winter for the first time and the government is taking action to ensure as many people as possible get vaccinated against both.

The latest stats show so far this year there have been 1,195 confirmed cases of influenza in South Australia, compared with 12 cases for the same period last year.

About 30 per cent of South Australians have received their influenza vaccination since March 1. There is an estimated 938,000 South Australians who are not already eligible for free influenza vaccination who have yet to receive the jab.

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