Praise Be! Lobster Rolls, On The Menu At Adelaide Cafe

Just when we thought lunches couldn’t get any better, we discovered Lobster Rolls being served up at Smallfry.


Just when we thought lunches couldn’t get any better, we discovered Lobster Rolls being served up at Smallfry.

They’ve been around for a while, but we missed the memo while we were out stuffing our faces elsewhere.

It’s never too late to find a cracking lunch spot though, and Waymouth Street’s tiny seafood restaurant is ticking all the boxes.

The mouth watering rolls are served in a New England bun with their Smallfry secret sauce, friends and salad. 

It’s not cheap at $25.90 each, but hey, it’s LOBSTER so what did you expect? 

And that’s not the only amazing thing on the menu.

The Smallfry fish burger is an absolute winner, with just the right amount of saltiness in the fish batter, teamed with iceberg lettuce, tomato, tartar and pickles – and yes, the pickles just work. I couldn’t have been prepared for the party that happened in my mouth, but I’m now totally on board with pickles and deep fried fish burgers. 

There’s also things like the Karaage chicken with Yuzu Daikon Slaw (take my money), the Softshell crab burger (seriously good), and a stack of mind-blowing rice bowls that satisfied desires I never even knew I had. 

There’s even an added bonus of having beers on tap, so your lunchtime indulgence can be complete. 

It’s been just over a year since the edgy venue appeared near the corner of King William Street, after Jack Lim and Nick Wang decided to work together on a new project.

Previously Jack and Nick owned the iconic Papas Gourmet Hotdogs food truck, and then went on to separate careers, but it was always inevitable however, that they would work together again. The lure of creating their own permanent restaurant proved too strong and the timing for Smallfry Seafood was right.

If you haven’t been there before, Smallfry Seafood is not your typical fish and chips shop, mixing eastern and western methods of preparing seafood to deliver something truly unique. The menu is changing soon though, so if you’re up for a Lobster Roll, or anything else I’ve mentioned, get in quick. 

The Smallfry fish burger
Crab Salad

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