Review: Take Five- The Dave Brubeck Story – 2013 Cabaret Fringe Festival

The name behind the platinum hit ‘Take Five’ is celebrated in this classy biography of the life and music of Dave Brubeck through anecdotes, stories and ground-breaking music.


Presented by The Brendan Fitzgerald Quartet feat. Andy Firth
Reviewed Saturday 22nd June 2013

Dave Brubeck (1920-2012) was, for most jazz aficionados, the master of cool, velvety jazz and a damn fine humanitarian. The name behind the platinum hit ‘Take Five’ (although he didn’t actually pen it!) is celebrated in this classy biography of the life and music of the man through anecdotes, stories and, of course, the ground-breaking music.

The opening is a little clumsy, with Fitzgerald playing a radio DJ and introducing the audience to the life of Brubeck – well, actually announcing his death, for all of 60 seconds before strolling over to the piano, but this is where he then begins to shine.

The masterful Quartet consisting of Quinton Dunne on Double Bass, Satomi Ohnishi on Drums, the amazing Andy Firth on alto sax/clarinet and, of course, Brendan Fitzgerald do absolute justice to the songs of Brubeck and are accomplished musicians in their own right. The setting of The Prom is well suited to this style of cabaret and it has evolved nicely from a theatre to a live music venue.

The show is supported by projected images that help to set the mood of the era and also take the audience back visually to a time of Hoover Washers, Bakelite telephones and ubiquitous horn-rimmed glasses.

It is the type of show that gives the audience the best of both worlds, taking us back to a time when music was sophisticated and allowing us to relive the moment in the present.

Take Five is only playing for two nights so, if you have the time, please support talented local artists and go see it.

Reviewed by Darren Hassan

Venue: The Prom, 116 Grote Street, Adelaide
Season:  22 & 23June 2013
Duration: 100 minutes (with 20 min interval)
Tickets: $28 Full. $25 Concession
Bookings: Book on the Cabaret Fringe Festival website


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