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Why Sushi Planet Proves To Be A Popular Evening Dining Spot

Cocktails, fresh and simple sushi in a contemporary setting… One restaurant that we’re sure that you have been wanting to visit (again) is Sushi Planet! We got all the details for the owner, Chen Shen, on why he sees it to be such a popular option.


During the busy working week, we all like to make dinner plans with our friends for the coming weekend. It’s a fact of life. But without fail, the inevitable question always arises; that is, ‘where should we go?’ And despite mentally putting tabs on places you’ve wanted to go for months before hand, when the question arises, the brain starts to fog. One restaurant that we’re sure has been mentally tabbed in your mind is Sushi Planet. And if it wasn’t, then maybe you should add it now.

We spoke to owner Chen Shen who told Glam why he thinks Sushi Planet is proving to be such a popular option on a Friday and Saturday night.

Shen says Sushi Planet is a popular choice on Friday and Saturday evenings for a range of reasons. With a wide selection of creative cocktails, wines, Japanese draught beer and sake, your drinking dreams will well and truly be sorted. And we should also mention, all cocktails look rather lovely as well! You can get a sneak peak of the cocktail menu here.

If you are vegan, then not to worry! Sushi Planet actually have a seperate menu for vegans, that they say is quite extensive. Think asparagus with delicious sauce and seaweed salad. And we think that might just be the beginning. Along with this, they take pride in catering to all sorts of dietary requirements and all item menus are designed accordingly.

Oh, and we think the place itself is worth a mention. Sushi Planet has a contemporary, vibrant ambience. With lots of space between tables as well as privacy booth seatings, this dining space is quite something else.

And let’s not forget the main reason of all… being the sushi. With some of the freshest seafood, as well as meat seasoned to make the tastebuds water, this reason alone is enough to stop on by. Fresh and simple, just the way it should be.

So if you’re looking for a place to delight the taste buds in a contemporary setting, with divine cocktails, then look no further than a Sushi Planet. It really is the perfect dinner spot, whatever night of the week!

Sushi Planet

Where: Adelaide: 1/60 West Terrace; Modbury: U15/954 North East Road


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