2015 OzAsia Festival Presents Contemporary Asia In An Explosion Of Colour And Culture

2015 OzAsia Festival: An Explosion Of Colour And Culture

Adelaide Festival Centre today revealed the new contemporary programming for this year’s OzAsia Festival which runs from 24 September – 4 October.


Adelaide Festival Centre will today reveal the new contemporary programming for this year’s OzAsia Festival which runs from 24 September – 4 October. OzAsia Festival is Australia’s leading international arts festival presenting the best theatre, dance, music, film and visual arts from across Asia. This year’s program features an impressive array of performance works by artists at the cutting edge of contemporary Asia, with a focus on arts from Indonesia across the opening weekend, followed by performances from countries including Japan, India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea throughout the Festival.

The 2015 OzAsia Festival features 41 events, including 5 world premieres and 15 Australian premieres. There are 180 scheduled activities including more than 90 performances, 8 exhibitions, 15 film screenings, 9 talk events and a variety of workshops and other activities. More than 270 professional artists will perform in Adelaide and more than 2,500 people will participate in a variety of community events, performances and workshops. More than 100,000 people are expected to attend OzAsia Festival in 2015 across a mix of free and ticketed events.

OzAsia Festival Director Joseph Mitchell says: “2015 OzAsia Festival gives Australian audiences an insight into the vibrant contemporary arts scene from across Asia. There is a generation of young, bold, risk-taking artists who are creating genre-blurring performances that celebrate the immediacy and fast paced culture of Asia in the 21st Century.”

The Festival’s theatre program provides audiences with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the best performance culture from across Asia.

Many of the productions are very different to the traditional theatre-going experience. We have shows such as Japan’s Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker where everyone attending is given a raincoat for protection from the mayhem on stage, and we also have The Streets by Teater Garasi where the audience will be on the stage with the performers. It’s a different feel to standard theatre going and there is an energy, buzz and hint of the unpredictable about the artists and performances being presented this year,” Mitchell says.

International collaborations are also a feature in this year’s Festival program. We have world premiere performances by Australian artists who have been collaborating and developing new work with their international counterparts, such as Australia’s Dancenorth working with contemporary Butoh Dancers from Japan and also the Australian Art Orchestra working with musicians from Chengdu in China.”

The Festival environment and atmosphere will spill out of Adelaide Festival Centre and into the surrounding Riverbank precinct with the Adelaide Night Noodle Markets forming a massive festival hub filled with delicious food, stunning design and loads of free music and performances for people to enjoy every night.

Mitchell says of the vibrant atmosphere planned for the Festival, “This year you can come and see two or three shows on any night, wander through galleries, attend free talks, discover some secret performance events and then hang out with friends in the Adelaide Night Noodle Markets. We’ve made it almost impossible for anyone just to come and see one show at the theatre and leave, there are so many other things going on and it will be a fun-filled festival atmosphere every night.

The opening weekend will include the biggest showcase of arts from Indonesia ever presented in Australia, with over 20 events and more than 100 artists from Indonesia performing in the Festival.



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