A Pet-Friendly Venue Locator App Is Coming So We Never Have To Leave Our Fur Babies Home Again

The RSPCA is developing new app is being developed to help South Australian pet owners to find local pet-friendly venues.


How many times have you ventured out for brunch with your four-legged buddy by your side, only to discover upon arrival that the destination is not pet-friendly. This, of course, warrants a frantic scramble as you desperately search for venues nearby that will happily accommodate your beloved pooch?

Too many times? Yes, we thought so.

Luckily, those stressful occasions are soon to be a thing of the past, all thanks to a new, soon to be released app.

RSPCA South Australia is developing SA’s first pet-friendly venue locator app, so you no longer have to roll the dice when bringing your furry companions along for a bite to eat.

The app, aptly titled ‘PetStop’, will aid pet owners across SA by highlighting all venues in the surrounding area that will greet fluffy creatures with open arms.

PetStop will feature all local pet-loving venues, from cafes and restaurants to bars and wineries, ensuring your fur child will be welcome at every outing from now on.

This amazing app will be completely free to download to every mobile device.

PetStop will be up and running soon, with the RSPCA currently working to build their venue database so each and every pet-accommodating location is included.

For updates on the app, keep an eye on the PetStop by RSPCA Facebook page.

For information on how to register your own pet-friendly business on PetStop, or to pre-register for download, click here.

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