A Showcase For Every Corner Of Our State

Have a look at the South Australian Tourism Commission’s eye catching new global campaign to promote our state.

Former city warehouse space turned industrial event venue, The Published Arthouse seemed an incredibly fitting setting for the transition of Adelaide’s pitch to the globe as SA Tourism revealed its latest global advertising campaign last week. Through the combined efforts of the Australian Tourism Commission and SA Tourism Commission, the state appear to finally feel they have their ducks in a row to make a massive push in the race for the almighty tourism dollar. Targeting not only international and interstate guests to our state, but getting South Australians to holiday in their own state isn’t a straight forward challenge, but this campaign is incredibly diverse. Here are some of the highlights:

Introduced by the Honorable Leon Bignell Minister for Tourism in South Australia, the tourism campaign consists of a series of ad’s each focusing on a different region of South Australia. With the lead production set to the tune of The Hilltop Hoods ‘Higher’, some of SA’s best and most iconic landmarks including The Adelaide Oval and its roof climbing experience, the vast Flinders Ranges, Maggie Beers farm in Nuriootpa, our diverse and spectacular coastline and our world renown wine regions are all given their own moment to shine. Also included some of the lesser known regions and hidden gems like The Prairie Hotel in Parachilna, Kis Spirits from Kangaroos Island and Kris Lloyd’s produce from Woodside in the Adelaide Hills.

Aspects of the campaign also serve as a reminder of what’s on our own back yard, which is timely coming into the warmer months. Children surfing on the sand dunes while their parents sit and enjoy a picnic on the beach, adventure types going up in hot air balloons and couples walking hand in hand as they explore our heritage buildings like Urrbrae House make out this spectacular visual treat.

Overall, this campaign, which will represent the state in key markets across the globe, treats each region well. Perhaps the most difficult message to convey, but essential to binding it all together, is just how close by all of these different experiences are. As an entry point to the state, the visual intrigue that is on offer certainly does tweak the curiosity, if not a sense of wanderlust to see more of what’s all around us already.

If you are curious to see how the whole campaign looks, head to the South Australia Travel Youtube Channel and follow up by visiting the South Australia website.

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