Adelaide’s Myer Centre Celebrates 20 Years

In 1991 mobile phones were the size of a briefcase, computers had 30MB of memory and we wore double denim and bike pants. It was also the year Adelaide’s iconic Myer Centre officially opened its doors to shoppers.

While technology and fashion has come and gone, this Adelaide icon has stood the test of time.

The Myer Centre is inviting shoppers to take a trip down memory lane as it celebrates its 20th Birthday in June, showcasing a stunning collection of images from the Centre’s archives.

For two decades, The Myer Centre has remained one of South Australia’s most loved meeting places and fashion destinations with an elegant style and house of chic consumer events.

The biggest and best moments from that history will be showcased in a 32 metre photo montage entitled ‘20 and Fabulous’

The exhibition will provide a unique insight into the moments that shaped the centre’s history, from the Elle McPherson visit that
left teenage boys speechless, to colourful Christmases and the story of the centre’s construction and opening.

The month long exhibition provides a fascinating look at the fashion, trends and fads of the past twenty years.

The ’20 and fabulous’ photo flashback celebrating 20 years of the Myer Centre is now showing on Level 3

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