Adopt Don't Shop! Greyhound Adoption Day Is This Saturday

Adopt Don’t Shop! Greyhound Adoption Day Is This Saturday

Greyhound Adoption Day is this Saturday, we have all the information you need to adopt a beautiful furry friend.


Attention dog lovers! So everyone right? I mean c’mon what is better than snuggling up to a furry friend in front of the television, dogs aren’t called “mans best-friend” for nothing! Anyway, here is the big announcement this Saturday the 16th of December is Greyhound Adoption Programme’s (GAP SA) adoption day!

If you’ve read this and you’re puzzled as to what we are talking about, let us give you a little bit of a back story! The Greyhound Adoption Program SA is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to finding homes for both retired and non-racing greyhounds. They also place importance on educating the public about the gentle nature of this beautiful breed of doggos.

Despite Greyhounds crazy speed on the track they require very little exercise once retired making them the perfect pal for an inner city suburb family.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a puppy this Christmas or holiday season, think again, head down to the GAP adoption day this weekend at Angle Park from 11am – 1.30pm and get to know a little more about these beautiful creatures and possibly make one part of the family. Remember guys, adopt don’t shop! 

I mean, please, how can you resist these gorgeous faces!

When: 11 am – 1.30pm, Saturday the 16th of December
Where: Angle Park
Contact: Call (08) 8243 7124  or email [email protected]

For more info about the event click here or visit their website here.

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