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Book Review: Love! by Zoë Foster Blake

An indispensable reference guide to the heart by Australia’s favourite relationship advisor Zoe Foster Blake.

An enthusiastic & modern perspective on matters of the heart.

The latest book from beloved Australian author, Zoë Foster Blake, is here.

Zoë has taken a decade worth of experience writing relationship advice to bring us Love! An enthusiastic & modern perspective on matters of the heart.

The book is made up of four sections: self, dating, hurting and commitment. Each section is as important as the next in your journey through love. The chapters include advice, examples, and end with a Q&A on the topic – much like the questions she would have answered during her time with Cosmopolitan magazine.

Zoë’s advice is honest and, for the most part, positive. Her writing style feels like advice from a protective older sister, which is a nice change from the sometimes serious “Here’s everything you are doing wrong” style of self-help book. Even when she dishes out some hard advice, like leaving a happy relationship if you’re not agreeing on something as important as children, she still communicates in a supportive and caring tone.

The Self section tackles the big topics such as: do you need to love yourself before someone else can and the difference between self-worth and self-esteem. Zoë offers refreshing advice for both issues (as well as the other ten topics in this section). It is a must-read for anyone struggling with these subjects.

Another stand out was the Hurting segment, offering practical advice for navigating a break-up. Spruiking the important message, “Break-ups are not a bad thing. They are, in fact, a gift!” this section would be very helpful to those navigating their way through a break-up.

This visually stunning book uses tabs (Yes, tabs!) to break up each section, pleasing the most fastidious of readers. The fonts and colours used throughout the book match the light-hearted tone Zoë uses in her writing, making this an easy and engaging read.

Although the book is marketed to all, whether you’re single or coupled up, the majority of the advice is more suited to singles. The only exception is the Commitment section, which offers helpful reminders on what a healthy relationship looks like. Topics such as why you need to be team mates, the danger of ‘fine’ and the curse of relationship scare tissue are just some of the important reminders of how to keep a relationship performing at its best.

Whilst single females in their 20s would get the most out of this book, those who enjoy an easy read with helpful life reminders may also appreciate it. It can be used effectively as a guide during single life, into a relationship and navigating those confusing, messy parts in between.

Reviewed by Jessica Incoll
Twitter: @littlejadventur

Distributed by: Penguin Books Australia
Released: February 2019
RRP: $45 paperback, $27.99 audiobook

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