Australia’s First Aerial Adventure Park To Launch In Adelaide

Warning: Not for the faint hearted. West Beach will soon be opening Australia’s FIRST Aerial Adventure Park, and there’s something there for absolutely everyone.

Australia’s first aerial adventure park is launching in Adelaide! Oh yes, you read correctly. Come November Adelaide will have a world-first mega structure in its midst. Aimed at providing an unparalleled aerial experience, it will create the ultimate public “playground” for all ages.

The MegaAdventure Aerial Park (MegaAdventure) is owned and operated by the MegaAdventure Group who have a philosophy aimed at bringing adventure experiences into urban communities.

“MegaAdventure has universal appeal. Whether you are an individual or a family, a corporate group looking for an innovative team building session, a kid, tween or teen exploring your boundaries or simply an adventurer at heart, you will be able to access exciting challenges that are simply not readily available in your every day life,” he said.

The main feature at MegaAdventure is the SkyMate, a 26-metre-high structure which will launch with 50 crossings – individual activities that consist of scramble nets, rope bridges, beams, swings, log steps, aerial surfboards, and more.

There is no site welding in this structure, meaning that it be can change and develop; for instance, participants can be surprised by new crossings, and themed areas that relate back to the events happening across the broader Adelaide area.

You can do the SkyChallenge and create your own experience with crossings graded like ski slopes. Alternatively you can do the SkyWalk, where only 83 steps will take you to the top of the SkyMate so you can enjoy some of the most gorgeous, uninterrupted and breathtaking views across the Adelaide plains.

Other offerings at MegaAdventure include a café, bungee trampoline called MegaBounce and full services for facilitated corporate training and team bonding programs.

This venture will generate significant tourism interest and put SA on the map, as this is such a unique adventure experience that can’t be matched anywhere else in the country.

SkyMate of course has stringent safety features and will comply with International Safety Standards.

MegaAdventure is located within the Adelaide Shores Precinct on the corner of Military Road and Hamra Avenue in West Beach.

To buy tickets, find out more information, and the latest news, visit the website.

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