Awaken the spirits at Adelaide Arcade ghost tour

Haunted Horizons’ Adelaide Arcade tour is set to scare the socks off paranormal thrill seekers.

The thrill of the paranormal is drawing Adelaideans to tonight’s Haunted Horizons Adelaide Arcade tour.

A tour guide will give a run through of the building’s history along with using equipment to contact the spirits.

Haunted Horizons were named Best Tour and Transport Operator three years running, and there aren’t any tricks or gimmicks, so everything you see and feel is said to be authentic.

Haunted Horizons owner, Alison Oborn said thrill seekers will be taken through the arcade and given a back story on which ghosts are said to be there and why.

It’s alleged there have been multiple tragic deaths, and past tour-goers have felt cold chills throughout the arcade.

“There have been three tragic deaths there,” Alison said.

“We go to areas where the public don’t have access to. We go under the arcade to the old tearoom which hasn’t been touched in years. If something is going to happen, it’s usually there.”

For the sceptics, a rundle mall security guard will join the tour group and share some of his first-hand experiences.

Still not convinced? Alison said the guide will pull out equipment used to contact the spirits.

“We do get a bit of equipment our in the tearoom and see if anyone can get anything,” Alison said.

“We use an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) to record ghosts’ voices on tape.

“We had the voice of a small child who died there on it once, that was very creepy.”

Tour goers will be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary – cold chills, creaking doors and strange voices can all be signs of paranormal activity.

Tickets are $44 each and can be purchased via the Haunted Horizons Facebook along with viewing other tour times.

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