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Barossa Fine Foods Providing The (Small)Goods!

Smallgoods tell big – and cheeky – stories in Barossa Fine Foods’ New Chapter.

Smallgoods tell big – and cheeky – stories in Barossa Fine Foods’ New Chapter.

When Andreas Knoll mixed his first leberwurst at a smallgoods factory in post-war Munich, in 1924, little did the 15-year-old apprentice know that almost 100 years later these recipes would be embraced in a foreign land.

Today, these recipes and the characteristic Knoll frivolity are celebrated across Australia. It’s this story – of family, playfulness, lots of love and a little ribbing, not to mention world-class small goods making – that is now being shared with Australian lovers of wurst, hams, and other Bavarian treats.

The family-ownedBarossa Fine Foods is now rolling out a fresh identity and product packaging with backstories celebrating its history and the characters who shaped it in readiness for rapid national expansion.

“We’re approaching 100 years since my great uncle, Andreas Knoll, first ventured into the area of smallgoods and started a dynasty that, through various iterations both in Germany and South Australia, is now Barossa Fine Foods,” fourth generation family member and the iconic Adelaide company’s Business Development Manager, Alex Knoll said.

“With this milestone looming – and with us looking to gain a stronger foothold in the eastern seaboard states of New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria – we thought it timely to refresh our branding and, at the same time, have a bit of fun by sharing our history in a series of light-hearted backstories featured on our packaged goods.”

He added that this combination, along with the high-quality small goods made the traditional artisan way, would appeal to a new generation of national consumers.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we enjoy a lot of banter, stories and opinions are never hard to find at a Knoll family gathering, and we believe that by sharing more of ourselves in a contemporary brand we’ll achieve greater appeal to customers while celebrating our long and successful association with small goods.”

The rebranding will also drive the company’s push into the new eastern seaboard markets and, in due course, the burgeoning markets of Asia, while stimulating the local economy, creating new jobs and offering current employees greater opportunity.

Alex says that while the Knolls pride themselves on being a progressive, innovative and forward-thinking business, tradition remains sacrosanct and has been non-negotiable since Andreas made his first wurst in Munich.

“So, while the brand identity has evolved to more accurately reflect a thriving 21st Century business with strong family traditions, we remain true to our high-quality award-winning products and artisan production standards as well as sourcing as many local ingredients as we can.”

Make sure to check out their website here and prepare to crave smallgoods big time!

Photos by Claude Raschella

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