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Bobaz T Expands From The Festival Circuit And Open Their First Store

Bubble tea legends have finally opened their first brick and mortar store after huge demand from the festival circuit.

You may have already spotted their nifty green van cruising the SA festival circuit from WOMADelaide to last weekend’s Blenheim Festival, serving queues of thirsty bubble tea enthusiasts. And if you’ve already succumbed to the bubble tea hype, you’ve likely enjoyed one of their specialty festival concoctions. Well the good news is, from humble beginnings as Australia’s first mobile bubble tea trailer, Bobaz T have recently expanded from wheels to bricks and mortar, opening their first store.

With several bubble tea vendors popping up all over the city recently, Adelaide’s north-western locals now have somewhere to get their bubble tea fix. Part of an unassuming row of shops in Croydon Park, their first non-moving store offers ever-changing flavour combos that can be enjoyed in their casual seating area. Their tea, coffee and cacao are all cold brewed for a minimum of 12 hours, creating drinks packed with much smoother, more appealing flavours. You’ll also be impressed by their super friendly (and bubbly?) staff, as this family owned business is all about catering to their loyal tea tasters – join their loyalty program for free drinks!

Admittedly, we were a little skeptical of the bubble tea craze at first. We remember looking at those little floating black balls and thinking, ‘why are these in my drink, and am I actually supposed to drink them?’. But once we took our first sip it all made sense, after all, the refreshing beverages are healthier than a fizzy drink and far more interesting than water, plus who doesn’t love bubbles! You don’t even need to be a tea drinker to visit these guys, people are already talking about their amazing Peruvian coffee.

Bobaz T boasts an eclectic range of hot or cold brewed flavours, with or without milk, paired with chewy tapioca balls or fruit jelly toppings – and it can all be made vegan. One of the most popular is their Meen Tea – a Jasmine green tea with mango flavouring, topped with rainbow jelly and lychee popping boba that literally pops on your tongue, taking you back to nostalgic childhood pop rocks days. Not a green tea fan? You can try anything from Rooibos Kumquat to Belgian Chocolate, and from around $6 per drink you can’t go wrong.

Bobaz T can be found on 22/113-131 Days Road, Croydon Park. They’re open 7 days from 11am to 8pm. If you can’t make it into their new store, you can probably catch their iconic trailer at the next festival around town.

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