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Book Review: Draekora: The Medoran Chronicles Book 3, by Lynette Noni

In the third installment of The Medoran Chronicles, Alex is accidentally sent back in time where she must befriend her modern-day enemies & learn from them.

Lynette Noni’s third instalment in her exceptional The Medoran Chronicles series is a game changer. Building on the previous two novels, Draekora shows a growing maturity in Noni’s writing and a deepening of her imaginative mythology and world building.

Book three continues the ongoing saga of Alex, the one chosen to protect the mystical land of Medora from the evil Prince Aven Dalmarta. As her training continues, she is inadvertently whisked back in time during a rescue, where she comes face to face with her Medoran friends and enemies long before they became the people she knew. Isolated from her human companions, Alex must overcome her fears and take the opportunity to understand the people she will fight against or love in the future.

Noni’s first two page-turning novels have been bursting with adventure, imagination and a wonderful cast of characters. Her third novel exceeds both the earlier novels by exploring the rich history and culture of the land and delving into the psyche of the Medoran characters. It sets up more mysticism, introduces magical creatures, and provides a deeper understanding of the characters’ modern-day motivations.

Through the enchanted library, we also learn of the future to come if Alex can’t stop the impending apocalypse. With the stakes raised higher than ever, Alex must befriend her future enemies and prevent the timeline from changing.

In no way should the ‘young adult’ genre of The Medoran Chronicles prevent readers of any age from delving into Noni’s complex and wonderous world. Lovers of fantasy, from Harry Potter to The Never-ending Story, should enjoy these novels as much as lovers of apocalyptic action. The pages are filled with action, comedy, adventure and mystery, providing hours of well-rounded entertainment. Once again, Noni has left me pining for the next instalment.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Rating out of 10: 9

Released by: Pantera Press
Release Date: April 2017
RRP: $19.99 paperback

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