Bounce Back To The 90s With This Hella Cool Nostalgia Party

CHEEZ TV will be hosting the ultimate nostalgia party this January, combining local hip-hop and video games.

As a proud 90s kid, I fondly remember running (slightly) late every school morning just so I could finish watching the legends on CHEEZ TV. Sometimes we wish we could teleport back to the days when we had nothing better to do than convince our mates to trade us their Mewtwo for our Charmander Pokécard and eat half a packet of Dunk-a-roos when our mum wasn’t looking. Feel the same? Well then, we have just the party for you… and trust us, it’s NOT one you’d want to be late to!

Your childhood idols from CHEEZ TV are heading out on the ultimate nostalgia party tour alongside American rapper Chris Webby and local hip-hop acts this January 2018. The duo will join the tour and take the audience on a trip down memory lane collecting DragonBallz & blast you off into a world of live music, Nintendo games & hip-hop!

Our childhood heroes, Jade and Ryan, will be mixing, mingling, answering questions & hosting the ultimate party with DJ’s spinning 90s and early 2000s hits in the warm up.If this doesn’t sound nostalgic enough, then add a dress-up theme to the mix and we’re officially in a time-machine. There’ll be a dress-up 90s theme and Nintendo 64s with Mario Kart & Goldeneye being played all night long. Boo-yah!

So step back in time with old TV gang this January – it sounds like it’s gonna be a super fly night!

CHEEZ TV Nostalgia Party 

When: Friday 26 January 2018
Where: The Gov, Adelaide, SA (16+)
Cost: $45 for general admission; $90 for meet and greet

Tickets here.


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